How to Take Care of Your Fleshlight

How to Take Care of Your Fleshlight

Buying a sex toy doesn’t automatically make you think of cleaning a sex toy. We’re usually too busy thinking about how we’re going to play, enjoy ourselves, and get off. But when you drop serious coin on something like a new Fleshlight, you want to use it for as long as possible.

Taking care of your Fleshlight keeps it feeling good and helps it last for years. Not sure what you’re supposed to do? We got you covered. Follow these steps and your stroker will keep getting you off for a very long time.

Use the Right Lube

Use the Right LubeLube and Fleshlights go together like…good sex and a nap when you’re done. Technically you probably can use your stroker without lubricant, but it’ll feel better with it. Whatever lube you use, make sure it’s right for the sleeve’s material. Any Fleshlube product will work well, but if you go off-brand, always look for water-based lubricant.

If you use oil-based or silicone-based lube, you risk damaging the sleeve. The chemicals can react badly with Fleshlight’s SuperSkin material and cause tears or discoloration. That means you won’t be able to use it or it won’t feel good. Always make sure you know what kind of lube you’re reaching for before you start stroking.

Clean Your Fleshlight Well

If you usually only clean a toy with a quick rinse of water, you’re still doing more than some people. Crusty Fleshlights are as gross as they sound. For quick washes in between uses, this isn’t the worst method, but it’s not the best either. Every so often, especially if you’ve been hitting your stroker hard, do a more thorough cleaning.

  • Remove the sleeve from the canister.
  • Wipe down the canister. A sex toy wipe is perfect for this.
  • Use warm (not boiling) water and a sex toy cleaner like Fleshwash.
  • Gently but firmly rub the cleanser into the sleeve.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Allow to air dry.

Using a good cleaner and warm water will keep anything from crusting up on your Fleshlight. A quick rinse is okay from time to time, but every couple of weeks, give it a good scrub. Never put your stroker in boiling water or the dishwasher — the material won’t survive the experience.

Refresh and Renew

Refresh and RenewA step often forgotten about in Fleshlight care is keeping the SuperSkin material soft and supple. Good cleanings help, but every so often, revive your sleeve with renewing powder. Technically you can do this every time you clean your stroker, but if that feels overwhelming, at least do it whenever you do a deep clean — or once a month.

Renewing powders help prevent tears from the friction between the sleeve and your body. (Lube helps prevent this problem, too.) Powder also makes your Fleshlight feel soft and supple for a better experience. Once you’ve cleaned your sleeve and allowed it to dry, add Fleshlight Renew Powder to coat the inside of your stroker.

Store Your Fleshlight Properly

How you protect your Fleshlight when it’s not in use helps determine how long it’ll survive to be used. Throwing it on the floor or under the bed leaves it vulnerable to dust, hair, and other things that might get stuck to the sleeve. You don’t want the opening of your Fleshlight — where you put your actual penis — gunked up with mysterious substances.

After you clean and dry your Fleshlight — and add renewing powder — close it up in the canister. Make sure to put the lid on the canister so the material stays protected and clean. Also, this keeps your toy discreet in case you forget to put it away when someone comes over. Store your Fleshlight in a cool, dry place. Leaving the sleeve in a hot, bright place can damage the SuperSkin material.


Fleshlights aren’t cheap. Even if you want to own multiple versions, you probably don’t want to have to replace your strokers, either. Yes, toys can wear out over time, but if you take care of your Fleshlight, it can last literal years.

If you don’t want the hassle of cleaning and taking care of a stroker, buy a one-time use toy instead. But when you put down real coin on a Fleshlight, spend a little extra for a cleaner and renewing powder, too. It’ll be worth it when you’re still jacking off with the same toy in a few years.

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