Why Pocket Pussies are so Popular

Why Pocket Pussies are so Popular

Not every guy uses sex toys — for masturbation or during partnered sex. It’s a personal preference one way or the other. But of those who do, there’s a clear favorite in terms of style. The pocket pussy is one of the most popular sex toys for men on the market.

Why? What makes them so special? Why do guys try strokers more than anything else? As with all things, there’s more than one answer.

Mimics Different Types of Sex

Mimics Different Types of SexUnlike some other sex toys, pocket pussies are designed to emulate sex with another person. It might be vaginal or anal sex or it might be a blowjob, but strokers are made to mimic the sex some guys wish they were having. That means you can find different types of vulvas, butts, and mouths which lets you feel like you have multiple partners, too. They also come in multiple skin tones, as well.

For the guy who craves variety or who doesn’t just want to rely on his imagination, pocket pussies come in handy (pardon the pun). With or without a partner, it’s easy to get into a sexual rut of doing the same thing every time. Since multiple styles are available, you can switch from one stroker to another and enjoy the variety between openings, textures, and flesh-tones.

Replaces Your Hand

In reality nothing replaces your hand, but a pocket pussy will give you a break from it. Each sleeve is made of material meant to mimic a real body (see above). Pocket pussies also include texture, ribbing, or other differences inside the sleeve so that you don’t get the same stimulation from toy to toy. Your hand just feels like your hand. Even when you love stroking yourself, it can get boring after a while.

Pocket pussies give you something new and exciting with every use. They also (sometimes) provide a tighter squeeze than your own grip can offer. Strokers aren’t better than your hand; they’re just different. And variety is the spice of life.

Offers Different Sensations

Offers Different SensationsRemember when we mentioned that pocket pussies have texture on the inside and tighter openings? That all leads to another reason why sleeves are so popular among men who use sex toys. Each stroker offers a different sensation. For guys who love this about pocket pussies, it’s a good reason to collect as many as possible.

And if you really want to take the feel-good stimulation to a new level, you can always add heat, cold, and/or sensation lubes to the fun. The material of any stroker is soft and meant to feel “real” but when you add extra sensation, you turn the pleasure up a notch or two. Put it in the fridge (not freezer) to cool things off. Wrap it in warm blankets (don’t boil it) for a realistic warmth. Use tingling or warming lubes to really curl your toes.

Fantasize About Adult Stars

Many pocket pussies available for sale are modeled after adult stars. Your favorite porn actress or actor probably has a sex toy that lets you pretend you’re doing them instead of your palm. Depending on the manufacturer, some are a direct mold of their body while others are loosely based on the adult star. The sleeve itself is usually like other pocket pussies with a variety of texture and stimulation on the inside — and isn’t meant to mimic the inside of an adult star’s body.

Just like standard strokers, you can often choose from their vagina, anus, or mouth, depending on who they are and what gets you off. Next time you’re watching one of their clips, you can pull out their pocket pussy and masturbate. It might make your sexual fantasies richer and more realistic.


Not all pocket pussies are made for everyone. Some guys love vaginas. Others love a tight ass. And still more want a stroker that looks and feels like a blowjob. But if you’re looking for an orgasmic experience that’s better than your hand and lets you enjoy your biggest fantasies, a pocket pussy is a good option. Finding the perfect sex toy that makes you feel good and gets you off is part of the fun. Coming across the toy (or multiple toys) that you love makes it even better. You’ll never have a boring orgasm again!

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