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Are you curious about the p-spot? Or did you find it a long time ago and have been enjoying it ever since? Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced prostate lover, Caliente Adult Superstore has the prostate massagers you need to give yourself maximum pleasure and orgasms!

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Prostate massage simply means that you stimulate your prostate — internally or externally — until you orgasm. There are plenty of good reasons to do it. It feels good. It keeps your prostate healthy. Oh, and did we mention the possibility of multiple orgasms?

That’s right, prostate massage might become your new favorite obsession, and with the right prostate massager, you’ll explode with orgasmic pleasure.

Internal Vs. External Prostate Massage

There are two types of prostate massages. One is internal and occurs when you directly tap, stroke, or buzz against your prostate. The other is external. This is stimulation of your perineum, located in the area between your testicles and your anus, sometimes known as the taint.

While external prostate massage is not as intense as internal p-spot love, it can still feel amazing. During a blowjob or handjob, point your partner in that direction and add a new dimension to your pleasure. And if you’re jacking off alone, get your hand down there and find out for yourself what makes it so great.

Using Prostate Massagers

If you’ve got a finger, you can massage your prostate on your own, with no special equipment. But it’s easy to get bored doing that, and some people really don’t want to stick their finger up their butt — no matter how good it feels. That’s when it’s time to get a prostate massager! Insert it into your anus, tap your p-spot, and let your sex toy do all the work.

Manual Prostate Massager

The simplest prostate massager requires no batteries and doesn’t need to be charged. With a bit of lube and patience, slip it in and find the sweet spot. These prostate massagers have a handle that you can hold and move back and forth. Use it while you masturbate or during sex with your partner, as long as it feels good to you.

Vibrating Prostate Massager

When you’re ready to take your prostate massage to another level, it’s time to try a vibrating prostate massager. These look an awful lot like vibrators women use, but with one difference. They slide up your butt. Many will be curved at the tip to hit your prostate just right. Hold it in place, turn it on, and let the vibrations do all the work.

Frequently Asked Questions About Prostate Massagers

Q: Can I really have multiple orgasms with prostate massage?

A: Nothing is guaranteed for everyone, but many men report multiple climaxes when they tap their p-spot. While you have the physical sensation of pleasure and release, you might not ejaculate again until your personal refractory period is over.

Q: How is prostate massage good for your health?

A: We’re not doctors, so do your research and talk to a medical professional. But for some men, prostate massage can keep your prostate healthier, help prevent prostate cancer, and even alleviate some symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Q: How do I find my prostate?

A: You’ll need to insert a finger into your anus and feel for a ridged area, usually the size of a walnut, but sometimes bigger. If it feels intense when you tap or stroke it, it’s your prostate. If you like it, keep doing it!

Q: Does using a prostate massager hurt?

A: Manual prostate massagers are designed differently from other anal toys and may be easier to insert into your anus with should make it more comfortable. No matter what size or shape your prostate massager is, the best way to avoid pain and discomfort is to use plenty of lube and stimulate your body (jack off) while you insert the toy. The lube decreases the friction and the stimulation helps your body relax. Once you locate your prostate, pain might be the last thing on your mind.

10% Off and Free Shipping at Caliente Adult - Prostate Stimulators