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No matter the size of what you need to fill you up, a dildo can give it to you. Shop our online dildos section to find hundreds of options of all sizes, colors and materials.

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Realistic Dildos

What is it that you love most about the dong? Is it the heavy balls at the base? The veins and ridges running up and down the shaft? Or do you love the different colors from light beige to deep, chocolate brown? No matter what you love about the D, realistic dildos can provide it. Some even ejaculate to give you the most realistic experience imaginable.

Glass Dildos

At first glance, a glass dildo often looks like a piece of art. Twists and turns, roses, gems, and inches of hard, cold texture, these dildos are beautiful and perfect for sensation play. Pop them in the freezer for a few minutes and give yourself a chilly experience. Run it under hot water, and warm yourself up from the inside out. When you’re done, glass dildos are the easiest sex toys to clean. And if you forget to put it away, you might be able to hide it in plain sight because it looks so nice.

Size Queens And Kings

Size doesn’t have to matter, but sometimes you really want a long, thick, meaty dong, and none of your partners can give you what you need. At Caliente we have whatever size turns you on and gets you off. Want 15 inches of schlong? We got it! Looking for a dildo so thick you can’t wrap your hands around it? We’ve got that, too! Size queens and kings can find the biggest dildos for all your horny fantasies.

Porn Stars

Porn star sex toys tend to be for guys who want to pretend they’re doing their favorite female porn star. But male porn stars have something to offer — replicas of their hottest asset! That’s right, if you have a favorite male porn star, there’s a chance you can buy a replica of his penis as a dildo. Let your sexiest, wildest fantasies come true when you play with your porn star dildo. No one has to know who you wish was in bed with you!

Strapons For Pegging Fun…And More!

Dildos aren’t just fun for one, and they’re not designed just for women who want to be penetrated. With a good strapon harness and a willing partner, dildos are a fun way to experience pegging. Being curious about anal penetration doesn’t change how straight (or not) you might be. It simply means you enjoy another kind of sexual pleasure. And strapons aren’t just for guys who want to be pegged. Lesbian, queer, and nonbinary couples can enjoy penetration with strapons, too!

Frequently Asked Questions About Dildos

Q: What size dildo should I get?

A: The perfect dildo for you is one that feels good in your body and against your skin. The size you should get depends on what part of the body you’re penetrating and if you’ve ever done it before. For example, if you’ve never had anal sex, and you want to use a dildo, it’s best to start small. Likewise, if you’ve never penetrated your body with anything more than six inches of dong, 15 inches might not be easy to handle at first.

Q: How do I use a big dildo?

A: One word: lube. Okay, a second word: patience. When you’re trying bigger dildos, lube and patience are your friends. You can’t just jam that schlong in deep. Your body needs to be relaxed, so stimulation is a good idea. You also need to reduce the friction so this is where lube is needed. Take your time, lube up, and ease into (or onto) bigger dildos.

Q: Is it okay to share a dildo?

A: For the most part, yes you can share a dildo but with a few caveats. When you’re sharing with a partner who’s health status is unknown to you, protecting your dildo with a condom is a good idea. You can also do that if you don’t want to clean your dildo before you share it with your partner, even if neither of you is concerned about STI transmission. If you do routinely share your dildo, it needs to be sterilized and not all dildos can be sterilized. Silicone, glass, and metal dildos can be placed in boiling water or put in the top rack of the dishwasher to be sterilized. But jelly, rubber, PVC, TPR/TPE, and other soft, porous materials can’t. If your dildo is made of those materials, and you want to share it — cover it with a condom.

Q: How do I clean a dildo?

A: For certain dildos, sterilization is a good option. But all dildos can be cleaned with soap and water or a sex toy cleaner. Dry it completely and store your dildo in a cool, dark place.

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