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Sex Toys Online

Looking for something to tickle your fancy? Are you looking to spice up your relationship with your lover? Whatever the case may be, Caliente has a wide array of sex toys fit for many different occasions.

From solo sex to a wild night with your partner, you’ll find the sex toys you can’t live without here at Caliente Adult Superstore. Choose from thousands of toys and find what turns you on, gets you off, and melts your bed!

Sex Toys For When You’re Alone

Sex Toys For When You’re AloneLove to get yourself off? Do you masturbate to relieve stress or just to sleep better? Do you do it when you’re bored? Take your solo sexual pleasure to an entirely new level by adding a sex toy into the fun.

  • Vibrators for buzzier, bigger orgasms
  • Cock rings to last long and make your pleasure more intense
  • Dildos for when you want that full feeling
  • Anal sex toys for a bit of backdoor pleasure

There’s literally no one right way to enjoy sex toys. If you’re feeling really adventurous, combine two or more for extra pleasure!

Play With Your Partner

No matter how good sex with your partner can be, it can always get better especially when you add a couples sex toy. At Caliente Adult Superstore, we specialize in adding heat and spice to your sexiest moments. Sex toys don’t replace your partner, they enhance what you already have together. Take your sexual pleasure to a new level and find the perfect toy for the way you enjoy each other!

  • Couples cock rings that buzz, vibrate, and make the moment last even longer
  • Strapons and dildos for pegging fun
  • Vibrators that can be controlled by a mobile app so you can play no matter how far apart you are

Vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, bondage gear, and more awaits to make your next sexual fantasy a reality!

Get A Toy For A Friend

We all have at least one friend who could use a good orgasm and definitely more pleasure in their life. Once you know how amazing sex toys can be for your own sex life, it’s impossible not to share what you’ve learned with others. Who says you can’t buy a sex toy for a friend? Not us! We think it’s a great idea!

Know someone getting married and planning their honeymoon? Gift them with a sex toy to spice up their time together. Going to a bachelorette party? Be the fun guest and bring a vibrator or dildo! Got a friend who’s going through a break-up, just moved out on their own, or who’s newly divorced? A sex toy could be the perfect thing to help them relax and cheer them up.

Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, holidays, and any gift-giving occasion is the perfect opportunity to give someone you care about a sex toy that could make their sex life even better.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sex Toys

Frequently Asked Questions about Sex ToysQ: How do I pick the right sex toy for me?

A: Think about the pleasure you want to experience. Vibrators are great for external or internal stimulation. Dildos give you that full and stretched feeling. Cock rings can delay your orgasm while prostate massagers may help you experience multiple orgasms. So ask yourself what you want to experience, and look for a sex toy that can give it to you.

Q: What if my partner isn’t excited to try a sex toy with me?

A: Always talk to your partner before you pull out a sex toy during sex. A lot of people worry that using a toy means they’re doing something wrong or that they’ll be replaced in your affections by a sex toy. They may need reassurance that you still want them. Let them know that you’re adding stimulation and a sex toy is a tool for that — not a replacement for them.

Q: How do I choose a sex toy for a friend or partner?

A: Ask them what they enjoy. Yes, this means you’re going to talk about sex and orgasms with someone else, but that’s okay, too! Those conversations are great for building trust and intimacy between people — whether you’re having sex or not. When in doubt, buy them a gift certificate instead or check the return policy before you buy, in case they want to exchange their sex toy for something else.