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What gets you off? What turns you on, excites you, and makes you scream, “Oh yes!” over and over again? There’s no right answer, but it’s probably the sex toy that hits your hottest spots and helps you orgasm in new, big, and exciting ways. When you shop at Caliente Adult Superstore, you get to choose from thousands of sex toys for women, all designed with one thing in mind — your pleasure. What kind of sex toys? It depends on what you want to feel…

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Sex Toys Tips

There are plenty of exciting options for women when it comes to sex toys. Here are some:

Buzzing Vibrations

Buzzing Vibrations

We sell vibrators, big and small, clitoral and g-spot, loud and quiet. You’ve got more options than you realize if what you want is to fill your body with pleasure and sensations. Body massagers offer big vibrations and bigger orgasms. Bullet vibes are small, discreet, but still powerful. Rabbit style vibrators hit both your clit and your g-spot, giving you double the pleasure. G-spot vibrators create g-spot orgasms — and yes, it feels amazing. You don’t even have to choose vibrations. Thanks to Womanizer, Satisfyer, and LELO, your vibrations can actually suck, blow, and be made from sonic waves. That’s right. Sex, pleasure, and vibrators have gone high tech.

Filled Up

Filled Up

Maybe you’d rather be filled up with something long and thick, hitting all your best spots. You’re going to want a dildo. There’s no perfect size or shape, only what’s perfect for you. And with our selection of dildos, you’ll find it — and in your favorite color. Size only matters when it matters to you. Size queens can find the big, thick, massive dong of your dreams. If you prefer something in more average size, we’ve got a wide variety from five inches and up. Once you pick your size, you’ll want to pick what feels best in your body and against your skin. Glass dildos are beautiful works of art that also feel amazing, cold or hot. Silicone dildos that vibrate give you the best of both worlds. Curved dildos hit your g-spot from a new angle. Dildos with strapon harnesses let you play with your partner in a new way. Any sex toy can be a woman’s sex toy. So if you’re curious about anal play, kinky fun, and more, go for it! No shame in your sex toy game. It’s all about spicing up your sexual pleasure and bringing the heat back into your bedroom. With the right sex toy, your orgasms can be exciting and new again. At Caliente Adult Superstore, we offer a huge selection of sex toys for women. Look around, and you’ll find more pleasure than you ever imagined was possible!

Frequently Asked Questions about Sex Toys for Women

Q: Which is better, a vibrator or a dildo?

A: That’s like asking us to pick our favorite employee — it’s impossible to do! Everyone will have their own preference between a vibrator, dildo, or any other sex toy. What matters most is what feels good to you. If you enjoy being penetrated, you’ll love dildos. But if you like extra sensation that hands and bodies can’t create, a vibrator is the way to go.

Q: Should I get a g-spot vibrator or a body massager?

A: It all depends on what you enjoy most. If g-spot orgasms are your thing, go for the g-spot vibrator. But if you love clitoral stimulation and big vibrations, the body massager will be your new best friend.

Q: My friend loves a vibrator but I hate it. Is there something wrong with me?

A: Not at all! All bodies are unique, and what turns on your friend might not turn you on. It’s more important to figure out your hot spots and what feels good to you — and then find a sex toy that can give you more of what you crave.

Q: Are sex toys only for masturbation?

A: Not at all! While vibrators, dildos, and other sex toys are often used during masturbation, that’s not the only option. Sex toys can be brought into the bedroom with you and a partner for mutual fun and pleasure. Using your vibrator during penetration can help you orgasm in a new way. A dildo can keep going when your partner can’t. Sex toys add variety and pleasure to any kind of sex you enjoy — alone or with a partner.