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Is there anything more sensual than soft, wet skin and luxurious smells? We don’t think so, either. Sexual arousal is more than getting yourself off. Desire permeates every sense, including touch and smell. A long, warm bath can restore you after a long day or it can soothe you enough to unwind and relax. It’s also one of the most intimate things you can do alone or with a partner. Imagine sinking down into a deep tub of warm water, bubbles, and scents that permeate your mind and body.

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Is it hot in here…or is it just us?

With the right bath and body product, you can transport yourself to another place and time. Make it sweet and sassy or sensuous and intimate. Turn your partner on and make your skin kissable, lickable, and tantalizingly soft.

Let Caliente Adult Superstore turn up the heat with our bath and body products…

Get Dirty And Clean At The Same Time

Get Dirty and Clean at the Same Time

Try massage oils for softer skin and a good reason to touch every inch of your partner’s body. Letting your fingers roam may be all you need or it might lead to explosive pleasure for both of you.

Use fragrances and pheromone sprays to enhance your natural scent. Get the best kind of attention with an alluring smell they won’t be able to resist.

Put bath salts in your tub and sit back for a relaxing soak. Invite your lover to join you and enjoy the intimate moment together. If hands wander under the water, even better.

All of our products are designed to enhance what already makes you sexy and delectable. Kick up your seduction another notch and small so good they can’t resist you. Use your favorite scents in the shower or bath to relax or as part of your daily life. When heads follow your alluring scent as you walk by, you’ll know the reason.

Our bath and body products are sensual aphrodisiacs. They’re designed to get you in an immensely sexual mood. Once you’re done in the bath or shower, it’s time to grab some of our lotions. These smooth out your body to a perfect feel, and your partner won’t be able to keep their hands off you.

Shop our entire line of bath and body products, and find the most sensually tantalizing products that are perfect for you. You’ll definitely find something to get your groove on tonight. Here’s to a night of love and sensuality.

10% Off and Free Shipping at Caliente Adult - Body & Bath Products