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Essential Oils

Take your fantasies to an all-time high with a tingling rubdown with an array of perfectly blended essential oils. At Caliente Adult Superstore, we carry a huge variety of essential oils for your pleasure.

Essential oils are a product of natural plants and have many different properties for healing, beauty and mood balance. Used with massage, there are certain oils that are capable of bringing out the arousal of intimacy. By weaving combinations of nature with the human touch, you will find yourself and your lover floating above the stress-filled world. Be ready when your partner arrives by keeping on hand some of these delicious combinations of pure satisfaction.

Pheromone Friendly Me & You

The fun really starts when Me & You Massage Oil is introduced as an ice-breaker. Grapefruit and vanilla make up the aromatic powers of this wonderful combination. Limonene is the active ingredient in grapefruit that delivers better respiratory function, anti-stress and sedative properties. Together with the warm vanilla fragrance, chilling out comes easily. The hyper-glide nozzle allows you to hit those areas that crave a tingling sensation and releases a measured bit of pheromones. Wow! Talk about getting chills!Me & You Massage Oil Grapefruit Vanilla

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Earthly Body Massage brings on the elements of the wild with hemp, almond, grape seed and apricot essential oils. Animal magnetism has never felt stronger when starting the evening with the included vitamin E moisturizers for quick body conditioning. You’ll keep the fun going strong with this quick-absorbing lotion that never leaves an oily residue. Your partner is sure to want more and more!Massage and body oil high tide

Cherry Oil Fantasy for the Tongue

Edible Massage Oil Cherry Burst is one of the most enticing products available. Pure botanical ingredients will wake up your taste buds and other parts as well. Perfectly tested amounts of hemp seed, rosemary, apricot, grape seed and sesame seed, with a touch of perfume and vitamin E, make this massage oil a leader in superior ecstasy.Edible Massage Oil Cherry Burst

By using the right natural essential oils, the feeling of freedom and contentment is released for the best sexual experience you can imagine. View the entire list of oils available and experiment until a shared favorite is discovered!