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Caliente Adult Superstore will fulfill your erotic fantasies outside the bedroom and into the shower or bath. Caliente soaps enhance the atmosphere and aroma with delicate and luscious scents that will pervade the air and complete the atmosphere for those coveted passionate nights between you and your partner.

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Exotic Scents For Exotic Nights

Caliente provides the next step in atmospheric immersion for you and your lover. Caliente soaps excel in putting out lovely fragrances with visual acuity that augments your bath play with every sensation from your body. Easy to use, simply applying products into the bath water will immediately make new aromas, visuals, and bubbly textures rise and delight. Caliente provides soaps for anyone that wants to complete the erotic possession that bath play is missing.

Rose Petal Soap Flakes

Caliente offers their Rose Petal Soap Flakes to enhance the mood during your indulgent sessions in the bath and shower. These Rose Petal Soap Flakes are playful and simple, filling the room with a pleasant aroma, and overwhelming you and your lover’s erotic and olfactic senses.

Sex Bubbles Bubble Bath

With so many erotic scents to choose from, Sex Bubbles allows you to draw a bath and redeem a bottle for a new bubbly experience. Play with your partner by manipulating every sensation on their body, and don’t stop until they are covered with the aroma of your erotic delight.

Bath Oils

Nothing brings out a feeling of divinity more than being covered by their lover in luscious bathing oils. Sensitize the skin and lubricate their body. Make a night of indulgence and godliness complete and satisfying.

Vibrating Sponges

Make soap or oil applications more tantalizing, with a gentle vibration allowing you to enhance your applications. Give your lover an erotic massage, or enhance your foreplay in the bath and shower with a vibrating sponge.

Versatile Bath And Body Quirks For Every Night

Caliente Adult Superstore offers so many more bath and body products to make you and your lover offer everything from your intimate nights in the bath. Lotions, bath salts and oils enhance every sensation that intimacy offers and heightens the erotic connection that you have with your lover.  

Take a look at Caliente’s Bath and Body delights, and make the choice to discover the next thing you need to make your indulgent and passionate nights herald new fantasies and discoveries.

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