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Turning your home into a sexy spa with bath salts

Bath salts are the perfect product to turn your regular bathroom into an erotic spa. These fragrant granules of heaven have been common relaxation remedy for thousands of years; here’s a look at bath salts and what they have to offer for anyone hoping to unwind.

What Are Bath Salts?Kama sutra treasures of the sea

Baths salts are pulverized water-soluble minerals that are placed in water during bathing. Bath salts added to a bath, for bathing, are known for:

In addition to these perks, the bath salts of today can mimic the properties of hot springs or natural mineral baths.

Bath Salt Fragrances

Bath salts often add sensuous fragrances and colors to make the product more appealing. One thing many people forget about bath salts is that they create incredibly alluring smells, since some fragrances found in common soaps can be very light. In addition to fragrances, bath salts will also add:

Our Erotic Bath Salt Products

So now that the benefits of bath salts have been covered, it’s time to understand why people turn to Dona Bath Salt Naughty Sinful Springbath salts for spicing up date night. Erotic bath salt products we provide include the following:

Bath salts offer more than a great smell and incredible skin. When being used as a form of therapy, bath salts can easily make “an erotic day at the spa” as close as your bathroom, before heading to the bedroom.