How Vibrators Help You Have Multiple Orgasms

How Vibrators Help You Have Multiple Orgasms

Most women and other people with vulvas are at least theoretically capable of achieving multiple orgasms. Some men and people with penises can, too, but that’s much rarer because most penis-owning people have a refractory period between climaxes. 

If you’ve never achieved multiple orgasms but want to, how can you get there? The answer might lie in using a vibrator

What Are Multiple Orgasms?

What Are Multiple Orgasms?

Multiple orgasms refers to two or more orgasms over a short period of time (for example, a single session of sex or masturbation.) This is as opposed to having one single orgasm and then being done. 

Some people have multiple orgasms every time they have sex or masturbate. Others find it happens rarely. Many women become multi-orgasmic later in life. Factors such as hormones, ageing, illness or disability, medication, diet, and stress can all have an impact on your ability to reach multiple orgasms (or even to reach orgasm at all).

How Vibrators Can Help

Vibrators can make it much easier to reach orgasm, period. That’s because they provide concentrated and intense stimulation to erogenous zones such as the clitoris and G-spot. The vast majority of women and people with vulvas need extended, focused clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. 

Because vibrators provide more intense stimulation than manual pleasure (from yourself or a partner) typically can, they can make it easier to get over the edge not just the first time, but again and again. 

How Vibrators Can Help

Here are a few of our top tips to help you have multiple orgasms with your vibrator. 

Take the Pressure Off

Pressure isn’t sexy. So if you get in your head about trying to have multiple orgasms, it’s less likely to happen. If you can, take pressure and expectation off the table. Sex is about pleasure, curiosity, and exploration – not reaching a certain goal. Making your sex or masturbation less goal-oriented will make it much more fun… and increase the chances that you’ll get there! 

If your partner pressures you, have a gentle conversation with them about why it’s not helpful and ask them to lay off. Remind them you’re still having a great time, whether you hit multiple Big Os or not. 

Try Edging

Edging refers to getting close to orgasm, then backing off and allowing yourself to cool down, then doing it again. For some people, edging is a kink in and of itself. It’s often combined with orgasm denial, orgasm control, or chastity play. 

Teasing yourself before you go over the edge not only helps make your first orgasm more intense. It can also help you have multiple orgasms. 

Another option if edging isn’t your thing: don’t touch yourself for a few days. Then, by the time you get down to it, your body will be raring to go! 

Start with a Gentler Vibrator, Then Switch

We love this hack that was shared with us by a reader. When you’ve had one orgasm, you might need more stimulation to get you to that peak a second time. So give yourself your first orgasm with a gentler vibrator, then switch to a more powerful one (such as a corded wand massager) for subsequent orgasms. 

Take Short Breaks In Between 

You might find that you’re too sensitive to continue stimulation immediately after climax. This is particularly common for people who orgasm via direct clitoral stimulation. It’s also really normal. If this is you, take a short break in between orgasms. 

You don’t have to stop playing entirely. You or your partner can touch other erogenous zones, or you can keep the heat turned up by watching porn or reading erotica. Give your body a few minutes to recover and you’ll soon be ready to play again. 

Try a Touchless Sex Toy 

If you find you get too sensitive or experience numbness once you’ve climaxed, try a pressure wave vibrator like a Womanizer or Satisfyer toy. These toys stimulate your clitoris via air pulses and so avoid the numbing effect that some vibrators can have. They provide a completely different type of stimulation and can feel absolutely amazing. 

Conclusion: Practice, Practice, Practice 

Your orgasmic muscles are, well, muscles. And the more you use them, the more toned and trained they get. So the best way to learn to have multiple orgasms is to keep practicing. After a while, your body will adjust and will start to expect that your first orgasm leads to others, priming you to enjoy multiples again and again! 

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