How to Use Vibrators in Your Orgasm Control Kink

How to Use Vibrators in Your Orgasm Control Kink

Using a vibrator to get off is just one way to play with it. Did you know that your favorite vibe could have a place in your kinky life, too?

Whether you’re new to the idea of orgasm control or you want a new way to explore this kink, consider using a vibrator. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Orgasm Control?

What is Orgasm Control?The explanation is in the name. In orgasm control kinks, one’s orgasms are controlled. Most often, this is by a partner in a kinky power play situation. But it’s possible for a single person to have the kink and control their own orgasms. That’s right, you can be single and play with this kink.

Control can mean a variety of things. It can mean asking permission before you orgasm. You might play with edging and denial (more on that in a minute). In some cases, controlling one’s orgasms is about finding out just how many times you (or your partner) can get off in a row.

How Vibrators Help in Orgasm Control

Orgasm control is both about power and sensation. You or a partner play with power, but vibrators offer up additional sensations. Do you need a vibrator to make orgasm control work? Not at all. Does it make it easier and sometimes better? Definitely.

Vibrators give your hand a break. They add new sensations. Importantly, they also have the ability to overwhelm the senses faster and more than other methods. Using a vibrator also lets you control the sensation in multiple ways, simply by controlling the setting on the vibrator.

Here’s how to use a vibrator in specific forms of orgasm control.


EdgingTo edge yourself or a partner means to bring them to the edge of an orgasm and stop before you/they climax. Then, you begin again. Not only does it “drive your partner crazy,” this form of orgasm control amps up the pleasure so by the time you get off, but the orgasm also explodes out of you. Another part of the kink is finding out how difficult it can be to keep yourself from getting off and how quickly you reach that point in each subsequent cycle.

So how does a vibrator factor in? They work great if it takes you a while to get to the edge of an orgasm by speeding up the process. Vibrators also help keep you on the edge and make the experience more of a sensory overload because once you’re that close to orgasm, almost any touch is overwhelming.

Forced Orgasms

Forced orgasms are often synonymous with multiple orgasms, and they can be fun together. But you don’t have to get off multiple times to force an orgasm. What you need is the ability (and will) to keep the sensation going on the most sensitive part of your body (or your partner’s body) until the orgasm explodes out of you. Forced orgasms combine pleasure and pain because of the stimulation on a single area until climax.

What role does a vibrator play? Again, while not required for forced orgasms, they make the job easier and often faster. If you pick a vibe with multiple settings, you can also increase the pain-as-pleasure factor by increasing the intensity. By the time the first (or only) forced orgasm arrives, it feels beyond the person’s control which is the point.

Orgasm Denial

Orgasm DenialSimply put, orgasm denial is saying no to your climax — or letting a partner tell you no. You might edge yourself until you’re practically humping the air. You might do a full hands-off chastity thing. Either way, no matter how much you want to get off, you’re not “allowed.” Part of the fun is psychological as you give up control. Part of the fun is the physical feeling of needing and wanting an orgasm but not getting one.

You might think vibrators can’t help with this one, but it depends on how you play with orgasm denial. If you’re in a hands-off mode, a vibrator does nothing. But if you or a partner decide to tease and then deny, vibrators make great additions. Turn your vibrator to the lowest setting, one that won’t get you off. Place your vibrator close to your perfect spot (like your clit) but not close enough. You’re teased with pleasure but it’s not enough to get you off. By the time your vibrator gets turned off, you might be begging for an orgasm which will be denied. Kinky!


There is no single right way to enjoy orgasm control, with or without a vibrator. It’s all about exploring sensation, pleasure, and stimulation. Let yourself experiment and play around to find what you enjoy the most. And remember, orgasm control with a vibrator can be done with a partner or by yourself!

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