9 Fleshlights That Look and Feel Out of This World

9 Fleshlights That Look and Feel Out of This World

There’s nothing wrong with anatomically correct masturbators with realistic vaginas, butts, or mouths. But if you don’t want to look at disembodied lips or you want to take your sexual fantasies to an otherworldly place, you need a toy that doesn’t look like a part of a sex doll.

Fleshlight loves to give guys options, including “non-realistic” masturbators. Check out this list and find the sleeve designed to send you into orbit.

Ice Crystal Lady

Ice Crystal LadyWant a Fleshlight that looks cool but feels hot, hot, hot on your junk? Check out the Ice Crystal Lady. The frosty opening is vaginal without being overly realistic. The clear sleeve and case give you a front-row seat to all the action. Even better, the unique crystal inner texture grips your shaft in ways you’ve never felt before.

Ice Crystal Butt

You’ve had the lady, now you want some booty action. The Ice Crystal Butt from Fleshlight gives you all the good stuff of the Lady version: frosty opening, clear sleeve and case, great texture, but with the squeeze of an anal opening. If butt sex is your jam, then this icy wonder is what you need.

Turbo Ignition

Turbo IgnitionWe’re still in the realm of icy Fleshlights but in a new way. The blue sleeve and clear case of the Turbo Ignition will make you think you’re in a sexy winter wonderland. Watch every stroke while you enjoy the ribbed and napped inner chamber. The narrow opening puts the squeeze on your junk and simulates the best blowjob of your life.

Flight Aviator

The entire Flight series from Fleshlight comes in a more aerodynamic package that makes it sleeker, lighter, and more compact than the original. The Flight Aviator puts you in the cockpit of pleasure. This clear sleeve and case lets you watch each flight-worthy thrust while the pleasure rings rub you just right. Made for discreet storage and travel, you get a thinner masturbator with six inches of insertable length.

Flight Pilot

Flight PilotWant to be in the pilot seat with your Fleshlight? Go for the Flight Pilot and take total control of your pleasure. Unlike others in the series, this is a jet black masturbator just waiting for your dick. Sit back and enjoy the bumps, fingers, and ribs on the inner channel. By the time you get off, you’ll explode and think you’re really flying when you see stars.

Flight Instructor

Feel like you have a bit to learn? The Flight Instructor from Fleshlight could be exactly what you need. Instead of an intense bump and grind to get you off in a big way, this clear stroker makes you slow down and build up your stamina. That’s right, this icy wonder will take you on a sensual ride so you can give your partner more pleasure later.

Turbo Thrust

Turbo ThrustWe’ve gone from planes to other machines with the Turbo Thrust. A copper beauty, this non-anatomical Fleshlight will rev your motor in all-new ways. You have three points of insertion to choose from. The open slats allow air to pass through and “turbo boost” the action as you stroke away. The blowjob-like stimulation lets you enjoy anything from just the tip pleasure to full-on deep throat glory.


Similar to the Flight series by Fleshlight, the Torque is made to be sleeker, more compact, and better for travel. It’s clear so you can enjoy the view, but you can also use it with one hand. That means your other hand can do important things like change the video clip, stroke your balls, or play with other sensitive bits and pieces while you jack off.

Quickshot Vantage

Quickshot VantageUnlike every other Fleshlight in this list, the Quickshot Vantage is short, stubby, and open-ended. It’s made for the quickie you really need to get yourself off. Use this option when you don’t have a lot of time, don’t want a lot of clean up, and don’t need any hassle. The non-anatomical opening means it can be anyone and anything you like. Even though it’s radically different in appearance, you still get the same pleasure with every stroke.


Beyond the textured sleeves and tight openings, Fleshlight does one thing very well. They give guys choices in their pleasure. If the pink openings and black cases of the original designs don’t do it for you, pick one of these masturbators instead. You’ll get all the pleasure you crave with the freedom to let your fantasies go anywhere they want.

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