9 Top Pocket Pussies You Should Gift Yourself This Holiday Season

9 Top Pocket Pussies You Should Gift Yourself This Holiday Season

Who says you only need to buy holiday gifts for other people? At this time of year, there are too many great deals to pass up — including sales on your own self pleasure. If you’re considering a new pocket pussy to enjoy in the New Year, check out some of our best sellers and give yourself the gift of orgasms this holiday season!

Cyberskin Vulcan

Cyberskin VulcanIf you love darker skin tones combined with the tight squeeze of a good pocket pussy, you’re going to love the Cyberskin Vulcan in mocha brown. The internal tunnel recreates the feeling of a real vagina. You get a tight squeeze going in and a strong grip once you’re in. This is one stroker that’s authentic-looking inside and out. Close your eyes, and let this stroker take you to your happy place.

PDX Elite Extendable Pro

Ready to up your pocket pussy game? The PDX Elite Extendable Pro is for the guys who want to customize their pleasure without sacrificing quality. Extend the tube and lock it in place at the perfect length for you, up to 10.25 inches. Enjoy the realistic intermittent suction with three suction modes and five patterns. It feels like the best blowjob of your life!

PDX Elite Ultimate Milker

PDX Elite Ultimate MilkerDesperate to have your dick milked? No willing partner around to help? Try the PDX Elite Ultimate Milker. It’s the first of its kind in milking masturbation technology and something only PDX could bring you. The transparent window on the canister allows you to watch the action as you play. Enjoy 10 revolving, gyrating functions and five active speed levels to have the orgasm you crave.

The Farm Girl

Got a fantasy about a sexy girl down on the farm? The Farm Girl is the pocket pussy for you. She’s super tight and super stretchy so you feel good from the first thrust. The sleeve is hand-painted pink for the most realistic experience possible. Sit back, picture that one sexy farm girl you used to know, and get yourself off in a most satisfying way.

Extreme Sorority Snatch

Extreme Sorority SnatchMaybe it’s not farm girls you’re lusting after. Maybe you’ve got secret fantasies about the sorority girls you used to know. Now is the time to give into those naughty fantasies of bending her over a desk and pounding her deep. School is in session, and you’re the teacher with the biggest ruler.

Zolo Solo Flesh

If you’re looking for a pocket pussy that goes beyond the basic functions, look no further than the Zolo Solo Flesh. It includes a suction cup mount so you can enjoy it hands-free. Even without the mount, it’s made with your pleasure in mind. The rubberized outer casing provides a perfect no-slip grip, no matter how excited you get or how fast you stroke. But the real fun is in the sleeve which is as textured as possible to provide the most realistic experience imaginable.

Vulcan + Vibration

Vulcan + VibrationThink you can’t combine strokers and vibrators? Think again! The Vulcan + Vibration takes what you love about Vulcan pocket pussies — tight squeeze, soft sleeve, and realistic texture — and adds a bullet vibrator to amp up the pleasure. This clear pocket pussy is compact and discreet for use almost anywhere. Even better, it’s waterproof so you really can take it everywhere.

Balls Deep

For the guy with a long dick who can’t find a stroker or a partner to take your full length, you need the Balls Deep pocket pussy from Doc Johnson. This extra long sleeve measures nine inches to accommodate most big guys. Once you’re in there, enjoy the stimulating massage beads from the tip of your shaft all the way to the base. You’ll finally know what it’s like to go balls deep.

Main Squeeze Endurance Trainer

Main Squeeze Endurance TrainerAre you looking for a pocket pussy to help you last longer during sex with a partner? The Main Squeeze Endurance Trainer is exactly what you need. You’ll get more powerful orgasms and last longer. The tight, realistic opening simulates vaginal sex as the sleeve warms to body temperature while you use it. Use the end cap to adjust for the perfect level of suction. This gives you the practice you need so you don’t blow your load too soon with a sexy lady in your bed.


Give yourself the gift of orgasmic pleasure this holiday season. After you’ve bought gifts for everyone else, check out these pocket pussies and buy yourself something you can enjoy well after the new year.

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