5 Fleshlight Accessories You Need in Your Life

5 Fleshlight Accessories You Need in Your Life

What’s your favorite thing about Fleshlight? Is it the silky smooth Super Skin material? Maybe it’s how it fits in your hand or the tightness around your shaft? Could it be the texture on the inside of the sleeve? Whatever you love about Fleshlight, you can always make it better than ever.

How can you improve the perfect masturbator? Start with one of these five Fleshlight accessories.


FleshwashWhile soap and water or any sex toy cleaner will clean a masturbator, Fleshwash is made for your Fleshlight. It’s the perfect toy cleaner to get your jizz and dried lube off the sleeve and help it stay as soft and supple as possible. You know you should clean your stroker as often as possible, but if it’s been a while, grab a bottle of Fleshwash and make this your weekend project. You’ll feel the difference the next time you’re ready to get yourself off.

To clean your Fleshlight properly, remove the sleeve from the canister (if that’s an option). Rinse your sleeve thoroughly. Use the Fleshwash inside and out, and rinse thoroughly. Allow your Fleshlight to air dry completely.

Fleshlight Renewing Powder

Even with the best lube and sex toy cleaner, a sleeve will wear out the more you use it. To help your Fleshlight last as long as possible, use Fleshlight Renewing Powder whenever you clean your stroker. The cleanser gets the gunk off, and the powder adds softness back to the Super Skin material.

Once your Fleshlight is completely dry (see the cleaning instructions above), liberally douse it with the renewing powder. Make sure to shake any excess off. Now you can put the sleeve back in the canister and use as normal.

Fleshlight Lube

Fleshlight LubeLube makes masturbation better, and any water-based lubricant will work with your Fleshlight. But you might want something a little special, and this is where you’re in luck. Fleshlight makes multiple lubes specifically to use with your stroker: FleshLube.

  • Water is a water-based lubricant perfect for any stroking fun. It’s gentle on the skin and safe for your toy.
  • Ice is a tingling sensation lube made with menthol that’s better than an ice cube on your skin.
  • Fire heats everything up and gets you hotter than ever before.

You’ve got to have lube when you use your Fleshlight. You might as well buy some made by a brand you already know and love.

Shower Mount

Did you know you can use your Fleshlight in the shower? Yeah, you probably did. Did you know you could use it hands-free in the shower? With the Fleshlight shower mount you can. Use the suction cup to adhere it to the shower wall — at your perfect level. Lube up and slip right in. Not only do you give your hands and wrists a break, but you get a more realistic experience. This is a moment to let your fantasies run wild and imagine your favorite adult star or anyone you’re lusting over.

The shower mount isn’t the only option for your Fleshlight. If you’ve got extra cash, consider one of these mounts:

  • Launch mount: Connect your Fleshlight to a virtual world of sex, pleasure, and games powered by Kiiroo. 
  • PhoneStrap: Want to watch porn on your phone while jacking off with your Fleshlight? This makes it even easier by letting you mount your device to your leg.
  • LaunchPad: Mount your iPad into the holder and use the attached Fleshlight to feel like you’re in the middle of the action while you watch porn or while you Skype with someone sexy.

Sleeve Warmer

Sleeve WarmerOne of the reasons guys love using a Fleshlight is because it feels so much like a real body. But no one wants to penetrate a cold sleeve (or a cold body). For a more realistic feel, a sleeve warmer is the perfect accessory. It warms your Fleshlight up to body temperature so you can really feel like you’re sinking into a hot and willing partner. It’ll be the most realistic experience with a stroker you’ve ever had.


Fleshlight is great on its own, but with the right accessory you can take it from great to amazing. No matter what experience you want with your favorite stroker, Fleshlight offers accessories to make it better than ever. Pick your fantasy, then pick your accessory. You’ll be glad you did.

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