4 Reasons to Buy from a Local Sex Shop

4 Reasons to Buy from a Local Sex Shop

Online shopping is an amazing thing — when you know exactly what you want. But when you’re uncertain about what to choose and afraid of wasting money, it can become overwhelming very quickly. Yes, that includes shopping online for your sex toys. Sometimes your best option is to shop local.

Here are a few good reasons to visit a local sex shop.

Touch a Sex Toy Before You Buy It

Touch a Sex Toy Before You Buy ItNever, ever, we repeat, NEVER walk into an adult store and take a product out of the package. Never. Always ask someone who works there for help. Most of the time, they’ll be happy to let you touch it and maybe even turn it on. But because this is something that will (eventually) go near, on, or in someone’s body, only staff should open a box or package.

Okay, lecture over. The upside to shopping local is that you can decide before you buy something if it’s the right sex toy for you. Instead of trying to gauge measurements from the specifications or guess what a material feels like while you shop online, you’ll find out while you’re in the store.

Compare Your Options More Easily

Shopping online can be overwhelming. There’s almost too many options to think about. Either you click around aimlessly or you focus on one single type of toy. In a local sex shop, you might have less total choices, but it’s easier to see what the available options are. All you need to do is step back and look at what’s in front of you.

If you still don’t see what you want — maybe something is almost perfect but not quite right — you can ask an employee for help. For example: “Do you have a blue dildo that’s a little bigger than this and made of silicone?” They may be able to show you two or three options in what you’re looking for. At that point, you can compare your options to decide which one you really want.

Find Sex Toys You Didn’t Know About

Find Sex Toys You Didn’t Know AboutShop around any sex toy retailer (yes, even Caliente), and you’ll see toys grouped together to make it easier for a shopper who knows what they’re looking for. And yes, adult stores are organized in a similar way — with like products together. Online, though, this often means shoppers miss out on discovering new types of sex toys because they focus on one area. In the store, though, things are a bit different.

Sure, you can “browse” online but to find anything at all, you need to narrow your search terms. In a store, you can physically browse and wander around. Take your time looking up and down the walls and shelves. Sometimes items are placed near one another even though they’re not in the same “group.” Why? Because when used together, you get magic. Discovering new sex toys is easier when you can look around and take your time.

Get Information Before You Buy

We’ve all researched new things online before we bought something. We read the reviews, do a Google search, and try to make sense of how something works. Sometimes we spend hours looking for information because one website answers one of our questions but not another. Of course this happens with sex toys, too. For some people, it’s even harder to shop for a toy because people have different experiences with products so a question doesn’t get answered by anyone online.

When you walk into an adult shop, you have access to something you don’t have online — a real live person who can answer your questions. You walk in with one or two questions, but as new questions come to mind, you can ask those too. And if/when you learn the toy you thought you wanted isn’t right for you, they can help you find what is — and answer questions about that sex toy, too.


Overall, shopping in a local sex shop leads to better outcomes for you as a shopper. Even if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you walk away with more information. You probably know exactly what you need to look for online, too. Local adult stores can be a resource for people new to a sexual activity or new to a type of products in a way that can be hard to find online. If you’re in South Florida, stop by Caliente Adult Superstore so we can help you find what you want and share our knowledge with you!

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