7 People You See at a Sex Shop

7 People You See at a Sex Shop

A lot of people who’ve never been to an adult store worry about who they might see. Which is sad, because shopping for sex toys isn’t all that much different than buying anything else. But this concern about the “type” of people you might meet is (in part) from a lack of normalization about sex and pleasure.

So if you’ve been too nervous to visit your local sex shop like Caliente Adult, here are the people you can expect to see there.

Sex Shop Staff

Sex Shop StaffLet’s start with the most obvious — the staff who work at the store. In a good adult shop, they’re helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. They can help you find a sex toy you’re looking for or suggest products based on what you want to feel or experience. They don’t want to hook up with you (so don’t ask), and they don’t have to tell you their favorite sex toy. Sex shop staff deserve the same respect you’d show your favorite barista or the helpful person at a clothing store who always checks the stockroom for your size. 

Sexually Curious and Adventurous

You can always find something new and interesting at a sex toy store, especially at a shop that constantly adds new products and stays well stocked. One of the people who may be there when you go is the person who knows what they like and they want to experience it in new ways. Or maybe they’re willing to try something new until they find what they like. They may ask a lot of questions or ask an employee for a demo. These shoppers are often excited to be in the store and happy with their latest find.


First-TimersThis will be you the first time you go to an adult shop. First-timers are often nervous and quiet. Some people will wander around looking at everything, while others go straight to the type of sex toy they recognize and stay there. They may be curious and adventurous, too, but nerves sometimes get the best of a first-time shopper. We recommend bringing a partner or friend during your first visit, so you feel less awkward. A good shop will help ease your nerves and make the experience a good one for you so you want to come back again.

Kinky People

Kinky people are often curious and adventurous, but in this case we mean the shoppers who spend most of their time in the fetish and BDSM area of the store. They might expertly wield a flogger or crop, waving it through the air. Maybe they discuss the benefits of each type of ball gag or collar on a shelf or wall. Some will be new to kink and looking to explore their newly discovered desires.

Couples and Friends

Couples and FriendsBrowsing a sex toy store is a great way to start or end a date night. It’s common to see couples shopping together. You get to talk about sexy, intimate things with each other in a place where no one judges you. Sometimes they’re in the store for a bit of lighthearted fun and sometimes to find something new to try when they get home. Alternatively, some people shop with their friends. Sticking with a group often eases the nerves of new customers and those who tend to be very private about their sex life.

Porn Lovers

Yes, there’s plenty of porn online, but also, there’s plenty of porn in a sex shop. And if your local store offers private booths, that’s where you may find the porn lovers. (But give them privacy and don’t wander in.) Adult DVDs are abundant and often on sale, and the booths aren’t pricey either. For some people, enjoying porn in public is a kinky way to get off. For others, they might not have any privacy at home and need a safe place to be their sexual selves.


CreepersWe would be wrong to not mention the creepers that sometimes lurk in an adult store. In really good stores, they’re few and far between. Most people come to shop, enjoy themselves, and express their sexual desires in consensual and safe ways. But every once in a while, there’s someone who doesn’t understand boundaries or consent. If you’re approached by someone or feel uncomfortable, always let someone on staff know. No one should have to tolerate people ignoring consenting or cross boundaries.


Really good, clean, safe adult shops work hard to make sure everyone has a good time as they browse through the store. They answer questions, direct you to the products you’re most interested in, and make sure unsafe people are dealt with. You might be nervous when you first go but feel safe while you’re there. If not, leave and find a better adult shop. They really do exist.

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