6 Reasons to Buy a Sex Toy for Valentine’s Day

6 Reasons to Buy a Sex Toy for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love. It’s the time of year when many couples celebrate their love, often with gifts, a nice dinner out, and other fun (sexy and otherwise). If you’re not sure what to get your partner this year, consider buying them a sex toy.

Here are a few reasons it might be the perfect Valentine’s gift!

Give Your Partner a Unique Gift

Give Your Partner a Unique GiftAnyone can buy chocolate, over-priced roses, or a Hallmark card on Valentine’s Day, but if you want to make this year memorable, try a sex toy instead. You’re sending a few messages when you do:

  • Let’s have great sex!
  • Your pleasure is important to me.
  • I pay attention when you tell me what you need.
  • Also, let’s get naked together.
  • I want you to feel amazing with me and when you’re alone.

Of course, these messages only work if you buy a sex toy your partner legitimately wants or it’s something you’ve discussed in the past.

Surprise Your Partner (Sort of)

If you and your partner haven’t talked about what kind of sex toys either of you want to use, this is a surprise that can end badly. But what if you’ve both had your eye on a couples vibrator or new fetish or BDSM gear? You might have agreed it was too expensive in the past, and you should wait. Maybe Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to surprise your partner with exactly what they want most.

Explore Your Sexual Fantasies

Explore Your Sexual FantasiesHave you talked about a roleplay fantasy you both want to try? Did your partner mention a bondage toy they’d love to have? Are you both actively looking for new and exciting ways to get off in bed (strapon sex, threesome fantasies, etc)? Finding the sex toy that fits your mutual fantasies is a great gift. It shows you’ve paid attention, and that your mutual pleasure is a priority to you. That it will likely lead to naked fun times in the bedroom is a definite and obvious bonus.

They Said They Want It

Some couples don’t do surprises. If gifts will be exchanged for Valentine’s Day or any other holiday, they tell their partner what they want. It might take some of the surprise out of the moment, but you’re also guaranteed to get your partner exactly what they want. Sex toys might not usually be on your list, but they can and should be. Ask your partner if there’s a sex toy they really want — vibrator, dildo, pocket pussy, whatever. Buying it for them shows you support their sexual pleasure, and you want them to have exactly what they want.

Giving the Gift of Pleasure

Giving the Gift of PleasureWe all know sex toys are most often used during masturbation. It’s okay to buy a toy you’ll use together, but when you buy a sex toy your partner can enjoy alone, you’ve taken gift-giving to a new level. How? You sent the clear message that their pleasure is important to you. You want them to use it alone, get off on it without you, and have a good time. While this should be common in every relationship, it rarely is. Many people feel insecure about their partner using sex toys. This proves you don’t.

You Want Them to Think of You

If you want to get very literal with this, check out the Clone-a-Willy or Clone-a-Pussy kits that allow you to truly personalize your partner’s pleasure. Either way, giving a sex toy as a Valentine’s Day gift nearly guarantees they’ll think of you anytime they use it. This is especially true if it’s one they really, really wanted and they really, really enjoy using it. If it’s one you use together during sex, you’ll always be on their mind, at least a little, whenever they pull it out to play alone.


Buying your partner a sex toy isn’t a decision to make lightly. If you don’t know what kind of toys they prefer, find out first. And if you’re not sure what gets them off, you’ve got some (sexy) homework to do. In many relationships, sex toys make an intimate, thoughtful gift because it sends the message that you want your partner to feel good, enjoy themselves, and have orgasms. What could be more romantic than that?

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