6 Ideas to Make This Valentine’s Day Sexy and Fun

6 Ideas to Make This Valentine’s Day Sexy and Fun

You can always go the traditional route with your Valentine’s Day plans. Do the tried and true dinner, flowers, maybe a movie, and if you’re both up for it, sex before you fall asleep. Or you can make this year’s holiday of love and lust exciting, fun, and sexy. How? By rejecting the traditional options and letting Caliente Adult Superstore help you make this year better than ever.

We’ve got a few ideas to help you out if you’re not sure what to do this Valentine’s Day.

Have Naked Breakfast in Bed

Have Naked Breakfast in BedBreakfast in bed is a sweet, romantic gesture from one partner to another. Naked breakfast in bed sends another message completely — a sexy one. Keep the food simple and don’t serve anything too heavy. If all goes well, you might be lick crumbs, jam, or syrup off of each other. And you know what licking leads to.

It’s a great way to start your Valentine’s Day and show your partner how much you both love them and lust after them.

Send Each Other Nudes

Maybe one or both of you have to work this Valentine’s Day. Spice up the work day by slipping away to take nudes in the bathroom. Text them to your partner with a few suggestive emojis. Part of the fun is taking and receiving them. Another part is hoping no one gets a glimpse at the message on your phone. By the end of the day, you’ll both be ready to get naked together and have plenty of Valentine’s sex.

Go to an Adult Store

Go to an Adult StoreIf you’re trying to keep Valentine’s Day affordable, head to a local adult store to look around and make a wish list of sex toys, lingerie, and kinky gear you want to buy someday. If you’ve got a bit of a budget, go with the intention of finding whatever you’ll use for the sexy night ahead. Either way, you get to think about sex, talk about sex, and fantasize about sex — with your partner, on Valentine’s Day. And if you find a new sex toy you want to try or sexual fantasy to explore, even better!

Indulge in Wine and Chocolate for Dinner

Okay, so a dinner date of some sort is probably on the schedule — whether you cook at home or go out for a nice meal. But who says you can’t start with wine and chocolate first? It’s the “traditional” gift, right? Go ahead and enjoy it now at the start of a decadent evening. If you end up licking melted chocolate and droplets of wine off each other, you might forget your dinner reservations completely and get naked sooner rather than later. Either way, you both still have a good time.

Try That Sex Thing You Keep Talking About

Try That Sex Thing You Keep Talking AboutAny day is a good day to try a new sexy thing, but the heat gets turned up a bit on Valentine’s Day. Make today the day you finally do it. Maybe it’s a bondage fantasy you can’t stop thinking about. Maybe you pull out a favorite sex toy to use in a different way. You might have a roleplay thing you really want to experience. Whatever it is, do it! Enjoy yourself and let go a little. It’s a day for love and romance…but it’s also a day for lust and sex, too.

Play a Sex Game

Running low on sexy ideas? Have you tried everything on your sex list and need something unique? It might be time to try a sex game. Sex dice give you new sexual positions to consider. Truth or Dare is always a great but simple idea. Erotic card games will give you ideas and fantasies you’ve never considered. Even a basic game of Strip Poker can make your Valentine’s night hot, sexy, and lots of fun — even if you only play with your partner.


It doesn’t take much to have a bit of sexy fun any day of the week or on any holiday. Since Valentine’s Day is all about love and lust, it makes sense to try something new with your partner. Just remember, treat your ideas like the fortune cookies you get a Chinese buffet restaurants and just add “in bed” to anything you can think of. You’ll automatically make your Valentine’s Day plans more fun and a lot sexier. Even better, get naked, too, and you’ll be practically guaranteed to have a great night, no matter what you decide to do.

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