Why You Should Go to an Adult Store with Your Partner

Why You Should Go to an Adult Store with Your Partner

Do you regularly shop at adult stores? Or have you only been once or twice with your friends? If you’ve never gone to a sex toy shop with your partner, it’s definitely something to put on your list. From date night to a random thing to do when you’re bored, there are plenty of good reasons to shop for sex toys at a local store together.

Talk About What You Like

Talk About What You LikePart of having a healthy and thriving sex life with your partner is being able to talk about what you’re into and enjoy about sex. This can be awkward for many people. One way to take the pressure off is to head to an adult store. You can each point out what you’re interested in and like. The focus of the conversation is on the sex toy you’re looking at and less on each other. You might find it easier than “randomly” bringing up the topic over dinner or coffee.

Talk About What You Don’t Like

Compared to sharing your desires, telling your partner what you don’t want to do is almost easy. Too easy. The trick is to share what you don’t like without sounding shamey or judgmental. You never know if that thing you absolutely hate is something your partner really wants to try. Instead of saying, “Ew, gross! I’d never do that and don’t know why anyone would!” which can make your partner feel bad if they’re curious about it, try “That’s not my thing, though I know some people are into it.”

Explore New Desires

Explore New DesiresThe world of sex and pleasure is much larger than whatever you’ve done in the past. Sure, you might have tried every type of G-spot vibrator you can find, but what do you know about dildos, bondage gear, or masturbation strokers? For some people, not a lot. You know what you know, but there’s an entire world of sensation to discover. Walking around a sex toy shop with your partner is a great way to explore new desires because you never know what you’ll find…together.

Ask Questions

We love the internet (clearly) but it can only tell you so much. Sometimes the answers to your sex questions can’t be easily answered with a Google search. It doesn’t matter if you want to know how to use a strap-on harness or which lube tastes the best, shopping at an adult store is the place to get your questions answered. If you’ve ever found yourself in a discussion (or disagreement) with your partner over how to do a sex thing and don’t know the answer, ask someone at an adult shop!

Share a Fun Experience

Share a Fun ExperienceLooking for something beyond the typical date night out? Need something to add a bit of excitement to a routine night out? Heading to a sex toy store with your partner gives you a new experience to share, especially if one of you has never been before. You can laugh and talk together about what you see, strengthening your bond. The time you spend walking the aisles with your partner adds a new level of intimacy to your relationship especially once you begin confessing what you’re interested in trying.

Find Something to Try Together

If one of you uses sex toys and the other doesn’t, going to a sex toy store together is a great way to start the conversation about using them in your relationship. Instead of focusing on what you use alone, you can help your partner see what all the options are. Spend your time in the store looking for something that interests you both. Ask questions and, if possible, get a demo (in your hand) from someone on staff. When you leave, you’ll both be excited to get home and get naked because you’ll have a sex toy you can use together.


Whether you make it a date night or something to do on a whim, shopping at a sex toy store with your partner can be good for you both. You’ll have a fun experience, learn something about each other, and foster open communication about your sexual desires. And leaving with a new sex toy is a nice perk of the experience especially once you get home. If you’re in South Florida, come visit us at Caliente Adult Superstore!

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