What to Look for in a Good Sex Toy Shop

What to Look for in a Good Sex Toy Shop

Shopping at an adult store, like Caliente Adult Superstore, is meant to be a pleasant experience, where you have fun and discover new toys to try. But not all shops live up to that standard. The bad ones give all the other shops a bad name and make newcomers concerned about what they’ll find.

If shopping at a sex toy store makes you nervous, here are a few things to look for in a good shop.

Clean and Well Lit

Clean and Well LitAdult stores have a reputation for being dark, creepy places with sticky floors. The reality is that this is true for some shops. But that shouldn’t be the standard, and stores do exist that take being clean and inviting seriously.

If you walk in and it’s like walking into a dungeon (and you didn’t intend to visit a BDSM dungeon), you might want to walk out and look for another adult store to shop at. The products may not be like any other retail establishment, but the cleanliness should be as good — if not better — than going to a department store or Target. Don’t settle for gross.

Friendly Staff

Just like any retail store, customer service matters. It’s especially true in sex toy stores where customers have more questions that also happen to be deeply personal. You can and should expect staff to be friendly and approachable. When you ask a question, they should do their best to find the answer and help you as much as they can.

What’s not acceptable is being ignored or treated badly. Not only should staff not creep on customers, they also shouldn’t be derogatory towards anyone — but especially about sexuality, gender, or kink. A good sex toy store is a sex positive place in large part because of the people who work there.

Wide Selection

Wide SelectionUnless an adult shop is highly niche, you should expect a wide selection of different types of sex toys when you walk in. The sex toys should be just the beginning: vibrators, dildos, anal toys, cock rings, masturbators, and more. Beyond that, you should see lubes and lotions, lingerie, sexy costumes, bondage gear, porn, erotica, and more.

A good sex toy store knows that no single sex toy works for everyone and that everyone has their own unique needs, desires, and preferences. While a shop can’t carry every single toy on the market, there should be enough to choose from that you can browse for a while to find what suits you best.

Multiple Sizes

This is true of dildos and vibrators and of sexy shoes, costumes, and lingerie. Bodies are made in all sizes, and a good sex toy shop will keep that in mind when stocking product. You might not see your size on the shelf, but it should be because they’re out of stock — not because they won’t carry it. This is especially true for plus size lingerie and larger size shoes.

If you don’t see your size, don’t be afraid to ask if it can be ordered or if they’ll start carrying it. Good stores will do their best to meet the demand of customers, and if they know someone will buy it, they’ll do their best to stock it. They want you to come back again and again and spend your money with them, so a well-run shop will try to help as much as they can.

The Vibe You Feel

The Vibe You FeelBeyond what a store looks like or how nice the staff people are, what matters most is how you feel when you walk in. While it’s normal to feel nervous and uncertain, once you get used to the store, you should feel good. The atmosphere should be warm and inviting, and you should feel comfortable walking around and looking at the different products.

There are all kinds of reasons why someone might not feel comfortable even in a location that ticks off all the other requirements. You don’t have to justify how you feel or explain yourself. A good sex toy shop will be a place you want to return to. If you don’t get that feeling, find another store to shop at.


No adult store is perfect, and things can go wrong. But the best sex toy shops work hard to create an inviting atmosphere that encourages customers to return. When you stop by a new-to-you store look for these things and think about how you feel while you’re there. Good sex toy shops exist, if you know what to look for.

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