8 Quiet Vibrators That Might Make You Scream

8 Quiet Vibrators That Might Make You Scream

You want a quiet vibrator for a reason. Whether you need privacy or you just don’t like a lot of noise, any reason is the right one — and yes, you can have many reasons to want a nearly silent sex toy. But that doesn’t mean you want a wimpy vibrator. You can get the pleasure you crave without all the noise. The good ones are so good that you may be louder than the toy!

Here are eight quiet vibrators that could have you screaming in pleasure.

RO-80mm Bullet

RO-80mm BulletOne of the best and most powerful bullets available, the RO-80mm Bullet is made by Rocks Off and designed with your pleasure in mind. It fits in the palm of your hand or at the bottom of your bag so no one will ever know you’re carrying around your favorite vibrator. It’s waterproof so you can use it nearly anywhere. Watch out, this powerful bullet is silent but deadly.

Mini Wanachi

It looks like a wand massager, but it doesn’t sound like one. The Mini Wanachi packs a lot of power into a small package but without all the racket of a typical body massager. The flexible head lets you adjust your vibrator to reach the spot where you crave it most. Your biggest problem will be how loud YOU get while you use it.


AliaMade by LELO, the Alia is designed with quality, style, and functionality in mind. It’s a legitimately beautiful vibrator, but it’s also a powerful one. You can use it alone or during sex with a partner. The powerful motor and unique shape offer hours of pleasure, especially as you cycle through the six different modes to find what feels best to you.

Sincerely Peace

The Sincerely Peace proves that looks can be deceiving. This might seem like a rabbit vibrator trying to be something it’s not, but it’s really a quiet but powerful vibrator designed to give you ultimate pleasure. With a dual motor and 10 available functions, you’re sure to find the setting that gets you off in the way you love best. Use the bendable ears to reach your hottest spots and focus on the pleasure.

Pom Plum

Pom PlumThe Pom Plum is an elegant palm massager designed to fit in the palm of your hand and snugly against your vulva. It offers stimulation and sensation in your clit and around your entire vulva for a deeper pleasure. But it’s quiet and discreet so no one has to know what you’re doing — until you scream with sheer pleasure, of course.

Whisper Micro Bullet

With a name like Whisper Micro Bullet, you’re right to expect this bullet vibe to be ridiculously quiet. It’s also extremely small. Place the micro bullet where you most want stimulation, and use the remote control to find the sensation you crave most. It’s a self-heating bullet to get you hot, hot, hot while you masturbate. This little vibrator won’t make a lot of noise, but you might!

Diamond Princess

Diamond PrincessWant to treat your body like royalty? It may be time to try the Diamond Princess. This small, sleek vibrator is beautiful to look at, thanks to the deep purple color and crystals lining the base. It’s also powerful yet quiet. If you think it looks like an extra large bullet, you’re not wrong. But the extra size gives it more oomph where you crave it most.

Lucid Dream No 14

Looking for more internal pleasure than external? The Lucid Dream No 14 is a G-spot vibrator with a unique look. It’s virtually silent and can be controlled with an easy slide of your finger on the button. This waterproof vibrator is wickedly erotic and wildly abstract — and it’s also quiet AF so the only noise you have to worry about is the moaning coming from you.


Not all quiet vibrators are super small. Not all powerful vibrators are huge and loud. Sex toy makers understand that not everyone wants to advertise what they’re doing when they’re alone. Quiet and powerful toys are available in almost any style you can imagine. No matter what kind of stimulation you crave and where you want to feel the vibrations most, there’s a vibrator made for you. At Caliente Adult Superstore, we carry thousands of vibrators so that everyone can find the perfect toy for them!

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