5 Ways to Use Dildos with Your Partner

5 Ways to Use Dildos with Your Partner

Maybe you don’t have a penis but your partner loves penetrative sex. Maybe you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED) and your penis is out of action for a while.  Using a dildo together offers a lot of sexy ways to get each other off. At the same time, you can explore some of your deepest, sexiest fantasies.

Here are five ideas to get you started.

Blowjob Fun

Blowjob FunWant to watch your partner deep throat a big thick shaft? Like the idea of having sex while your partner’s mouth is preoccupied? A dildo makes the perfect addition to your sexy, kinky fun. With a suction cup dildo, mount it to a flat surface and slobber away. You might even want to hold it for your partner while they’re sucking and drooling all over the shaft but looking up at you while they do it.

There’s no right or wrong way to play. All that matters is that a mouth and a dildo get together in ways both you and partner find sexy AF.

Strap-on Sex

Depending on your gender or your preference, you might hear strap-on sex called pegging. Pegging refers to a woman wearing a strap-on and anally penetrating a male partner. But women in sexual relationships with other women often use strap-ons for penetrative fun — vaginal, anal, or oral. Some men with ED use hollow strap ons so they can enjoy sex again like old times.

When you bring a dildo to the bedroom for penetrative sex, the other important part is finding the right strap-on harness. It needs to fit comfortably for the person wearing it or you might chafe or otherwise hurt yourself. Plus, if it’s uncomfortable, you won’t want to wear it and enjoy whatever flavor of strap-on sex you love most.

Threesome Fantasies

Threesome FantasiesIf bringing an extra dick into the bedroom is part of your threesome fantasy, a dildo makes a great stand-in. You can pretend your dildo is a fantasy lover who does either or both partners in ways that will have you moaning in pleasure. This is a great option for safe fantasy exploration and role play fun.

You can give your dildo a name or not. Pretend it’s part of an elaborate sexual scene or treat it like a stunt penis. Ultimately, your dildo is there to be whatever you want it to be — without worrying about complicated feelings or whether it’s sleeping over when the fun is done.

Exhibitionist and Voyeur Fantasies

For some people, being watched or watching someone have sex is the ultimate turn-on. A dildo can be a great stand-in if your partner wants to watch you and you want to show off your sex skills. Choose a dildo with a suction cup base and mount it wherever you want, as long as it’s a flat surface.

You can show your partner how you ride the D or what you look like head down, a$$ up. Kink it up a bit and let them direct you while you enjoy yourself. They may tell you to speed up or slow down, switch positions, or touch yourself.

Hands-Free Fun

Hands-Free FunTo have hands-free fun, you’re going to want to take advantage of a suction cup dildo. Of course, if you or your partner are extremely coordinated, you might be able to make this happen as part of strap-on sex, too. Set up your dildo, position your body over the shaft, and thrust away.

Your partner can keep their hands free for all kinds of other fun. They can touch themselves while you masturbate together. They can touch you, either to tease you or to make your orgasm even better. But no one’s hands are occupied with holding onto hips or shoulders for penetrative sex. The dildo and the partner being penetrated are doing the work, leaving at least two hands to wander freely.


If you want to use a dildo for a bit of penetrative fun without focusing on the fantasy part, that’s cool. But if you’ve got desires you can’t stop thinking about, the right sex toy — like a dildo — can make them happen. To find the perfect dildo for you and your partner, shop with us at Caliente Adult Superstore.

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