8 Different Fleshlights You Need in Your Life

8 Different Fleshlights You Need in Your Life

If you’ve tried one Fleshlight, you probably already know that one isn’t enough. But you might not realize just how wide of a variety there is in your favorite masturbation stroker. Sure, you can choose from multiple porn stars and different body parts, but that’s only the beginning of your options.

Here are eight different Fleshlights you need in your life.

Fleshlight Girls

Fleshlight GirlsThe most popular option in Fleshlight, the “girls” are the adult stars you know and love. Each one is modeled on the the specific star so it’s like you’re really getting down with Stoya, Alexis Texas, or Ana Foxxx. Of course well known actresses aren’t the only one showing up in the Fleslight Girls line-up. Some of the biggest cam stars online also have their own stroker. Love Natalie Star or Lindsey Banks? You can get their Fleshlight, too!

Fleshjack or Fleshlight Boys

Prefer men to women? Love gay or straight porn? You’re not alone, regardless of where your sexuality falls — straight, gay, or bisexual. And if you’re jonesing for a sexy man you’ve watched in porn, Fleshjack and Fleshlight Boys are here to give you what you crave. Fleshjack features gay porn stars you know and love. Fleshlight Boys focus on the men of straight porn. Either way, you’ll get to slide your shaft into this realistic sleeve and let all your fantasies come true.

Stamina Training Units

Stamina Training UnitsMasturbation sleeves aren’t just for pleasure. They can also help you last longer when you’re not alone in bed. If this is what you need, the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit may be exactly what you’re looking for. Consider it personal training for your dick and your sex life. You’ll improve performance and stamina and make sex better for you and your partner. Because it’s designed to feel as lifelike possible, your body can grow more accustomed to the sensations of penetrative sex, keeping you from blowing your load too soon with a partner.

Fleshlight Quickshot

Looking for something smaller, more discreet, and easier to use? Instead of the standard Fleshlight with a sleeve and canister that requires extra clean up, try a Quickshot. Not only is it smaller and more portable, it’s got an open exit point — so cleaning your toy is easier than ever before. This Fleshlight is designed for that quick orgasm you’re craving without all the work and bulk of the usual stroker. This doesn’t replace your favorite Fleshlight, but it does give you other options when you need them.

Fleshlight Turbo

Fleshlight TurboLooking for a Fleshlight that really mimics a good blowjob? While any of the Fleshlight Girls or Boys or the Fleshjack come in a blowjob option, the Turbo offers something a little more. You get three entry points to really feel like a blowjob and extra suction for the stimulation you’re craving most. These Fleshlights might feel like the real thing, but they’re one of the least realistic-looking options available. Which is good when you don’t want someone to spot your masturbator from across a room.

Fleshlight Vibro

Love the feel of the SuperSkin material but want something more? Fleshlight Vibro takes the sleeve you love and adds vibrations. Bullet vibrators add extra sensation so you get a surround-sound experience on your shaft. You get the squeeze and suction you know and love and extra vibrations to bring you to the edge harder and faster. Your orgasms may just explode out of you, and you may never want to go back to the old way again.

Fleshlight Go

Fleshlight GoWant to bring your classic Fleshlight with you when you travel, but don’t want anyone to know you’ve got a masturbation sleeve with you? Now you need the Fleshlight Go. This is a smaller, more compact, and much more discreet version of the classic. You get everything you know and love in your favorite masturbation sleeve but with a lot less bulk and more discretion than ever before. No one needs to know what you’re doing in your hotel room at night — especially not housekeeping or room service. Now they won’t.

Fleshlight Ice

Love how Fleshlight feels but hate how it looks? Do you like watching yourself masturbate? Fleshlight Ice could be the stroker you’re craving. Why “ice?” Because it’s clear and sharp like ice, but it won’t cool you down. This sleeve will only heat you up and make you want more. Watch your shaft move in and out and never worry that your sleeve looks exactly like a sex toy. From a distance, no one will know what it is other than that it looks cool. (Pun intended.)


Sex toys are like potato chips. You can’t just stop at one. Fleshlight knows how true this is, so they make sure to offer you variety you didn’t even know you needed until you try it for yourself. No matter what kind of orgasm you want, there’s a Fleshlight that will give you more than you thought possible. 

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