How Your Fleshlight Can Be a VR Sex Toy

How Your Fleshlight Can Be a VR Sex Toy

There’s been a lot of buzz about virtual reality (VR) in recent years. Touted by many as the next big frontier in technological advancement, VR allows users to engage in hyper-realistic simulated experiences from the comfort of their homes. 

But did you know that VR also has an application in the bedroom, and that your trusty Fleshlight can be a VR sex toy? Well, it does and it can! Read on to learn more. 

What is a Fleshlight?

If you have a penis and you’re not yet familiar with Fleshlight, you are in for a treat! This company has been making premium masturbators designed to resemble vaginas, butts, and mouths for over 20 years. 

Fleshlights come in numerous different styles. You can even get them modelled after your favorite porn stars! And for men who love men, there’s the Fleshjack range. 

What is VR Porn?

What is VR Porn?

It’s long been understood that any new technology will quickly be adapted for sexual purposes. Virtual reality is no different. VR porn takes adult content to a whole new level. It allows you to enjoy porn not as a passive viewer, but as a participant in a fully immersive, 180-degree or 360-degree experience. 

With VR porn, you can truly feel as though you are there, experiencing the scene through the eyes of one of the participants or having sex with your favorite porn star. 

When it was new, VR equipment was too expensive for the everyday consumer. But that’s all changing now. A basic but functional VR headset can cost as little $25, with different models available at all price-points up to several thousand dollars. Most VR porn platforms can sync with different headsets, but you should check your preferred platform before you buy one. 

Combining VR porn with a sex toy can elevate your solo sex to levels you never thought possible. So how can your Fleshlight be a VR sex toy? Let’s find out. 

Fleshlight Launch

Fleshlight Launch is a collaboration between Fleshlight and Kiiroo, two cutting-edge adult companies known for bringing incredible new toys to the market. 

The Launch is a separate device that pairs with many standard-sized Fleshlight designs (be aware that it is not compatible with a few models including Fleshlight Turbo, Ice, Flight, Flight, Go and QuickShot.) 

It provides a fully automated masturbation experience and allows you to completely customize your experience, including setting the length of the strokes and the speed. The Fleshlight Launch is capable of delivering up to an impressive 180 strokes per minute! So whether you want to go fast or slow, it’s guaranteed to deliver exactly what you’re craving. 

Once you’ve purchased your Launch, set it up by inserting your Fleshlight into it. Youtube sex education channel Teledildonics has created a useful video to show you how to do this. Next, pair it with your VR headset using the interactive mode. You’ll need Bluetooth and a free Fleshlight Launch app called FeelConnect to do this. 

Once you’re all set up, you can sync the toy with numerous VR porn sites, games, and live cams. Just some of the content sites you can sync with include FeelMe, Pornhub, and VR Bangers. Best of all? It’s completely hands-free. 

Fun Ways to Enjoy Your VR Experience

Fun Ways to Enjoy Your VR Experience

VR opens up a world of possibilities for both solo and partnered sex. Once you’ve discovered that your Fleshlight can be a VR sex toy, you might feel overwhelmed by the choices available to you!

VR can allow you a safe way to explore your fantasies. Want to try a threesome, see how you feel about BDSM, or enjoy your first same-sex experience? VR gives you a chance to try things out and see how you feel about them, in a way more interactive than simply watching porn. If you’re in a relationship but you crave sexual variety, it gives you a safe and ethical way to get that without cheating on your partner. 

You can also enjoy your Fleshlight and VR porn experience with your partner. If you’re long distance or currently apart, this can give you a more realistic way to connect sexually across the miles. You’ll both need a VR headset and some kind of compatible sex toy. Certain vibrators for women such as the Kiiroo Pearl 2 work well with VR technology. It’s almost as good as being in the same place. 


The sky’s the limit so dive in, explore, and have fun with your newly VR-powered Fleshlight!

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