6 Sexual Fantasies Your Fleshlight Can Fulfill

6 Sexual Fantasies Your Fleshlight Can Fulfill

Fleshlight strokers aren’t your average sex toy for men. They look better, feel better, and give you stimulation no other sleeve does. It’s no wonder so many men keep coming back for more Fleshlights.

If you’re not sure what all the hype is about, check out these six fantasies the right Fleshlight fulfills for you.

Porn Star Lust

Porn Star LustMan or woman, if there’s an adult star you can’t stop thinking about, there’s a good chance they have their own Fleshlight. Fleshlight Girls models their strokers off the vulvas, mouths, and butts of sexy female porn stars. Fleshjack focuses on the gay porn stars you know and love — and a few you haven’t found yet.

Grab the Fleshlight of your favorite porn star, turn on a few of their video clips, and start stroking. Close your eyes and imagine their cries of pleasure are all for you. When they beg for more, you can stroke harder and faster, giving them — and your Fleshlight — all you’ve got.

Giving Up Control

If you’ve got a submissive fantasy of giving up control to a partner, you’re not alone. A lot of guys crave this kind of kinky fun. While there are plenty of toys that make it easy to give up control (like cock cages), your Fleshight has a role to play, too.

You’re used to using your stroker the way you like it best. Pumping in and out at your own pace. But if you hand your Fleshlight over to the person topping you, you give up a serious amount of control. They decide how fast or slow to use it. They decide when you’re done — even if you haven’t gotten off yet. You get the pleasure of a Fleshlight and the pleasure of submitting to someone else’s desires. Kinky, right?

Lasting Longer in Bed

Lasting Longer in BedIf you fantasize about having more stamina in bed with a partner, your Fleshlight could be the training partner you need. Strokers, by themselves, don’t automatically enhance stamina. But erections are a use-it-or-lose-it kind of thing. So everytime you masturbate with your Fleshlight, think of it as training for your erection.

Strokers are uniquely able to help build stamina because they’re made to feel so much like a real person. Once you add lube, you get a slick, soft squeeze around your shaft. The more you masturbate, the more you grow used to the sensation. This can, for some guys, help you lose your super-sensitivity and last longer during sex.

Bigger Orgasms

Want to explode with pleasure when you’re alone instead of dealing with your usual forgettable orgasm? The next time you use a Fleshlight, pair it with another sex toy, too. Use a cock ring to keep you harder, longer. Try a penis pump to make your erection bigger before you masturbate. Insert a vibrating prostate massager before you start stroking.

Whatever turns you on is fair game. But the point is to combine the stimulation from another sex toy with your Fleshlight so your pleasure is super-charged. Because when it is, so is your climax.

Sizzling Heat

Sizzling HeatWhen you love the heat of passionate sex, jacking off alone can be pretty dull. Even when you use a Fleshlight you love. But you don’t have to give up the heat just because you’re going solo. Try adding a warming lube to your stroker instead. As it warms up around your shaft, your Fleshlight will feel even more realistic. And as the temperature rises in the sleeve, you’ll feel it in every part of your body. Start a new kind of fire in your bed even when you’re alone.

Shower Sex

Craving shower sex but don’t have a partner to do it with? With the right accessories, your favorite Fleshlight can join you under the water. All you need is a shower mount. Install it at the right height for your pelvis and then go hands-free for a more realistic experience. Thrust as hard and fast or slow and gentle as you want. Switch out your Fleshlights for a different experience. All that matters is that you get the experience you crave.


A sex toy doesn’t replace a partner, and it’ll never feel exactly like the person you’re lusting after. But a high-quality, well-made stroker like a Fleshlight can be what you need when you’re solo. It can also be a great toy to bring into your relationship. No matter what you secretly fantasize about and what your desires are, your Fleshlight can be a part of it.

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