6 Dildos That Will Make Your Fantasies Come Alive

6 Dildos That Will Make Your Fantasies Come Alive

Who says you need a partner to make your sexual fantasies come true? 

With the right dildo, you can explore your sexuality, bring your fantasy to life, and give yourself all the pleasure you could want, whether you have a lover right now or not. Whatever flavor of sex or kink you’re into, there’s something for everyone. 

Blush Silicone Willys 11.5” Dildo

We wanted to highlight six of our favorite dildos that are guaranteed to hit just the right spot.

Blush Silicone Willys 11.5” Dildo

Sometimes, what you need is size and lots of it. That’s why we love Blush’s Silicone Willy line of realistic, supersized dongs. The 11.5” dildo features a lifelike contoured shaft and head, realistic balls, and a suction cup for hands-free fun. 

The platinum cured silicone is soft yet firm. It’s also body-safe and non-porous, so you can play with confidence and clean it easily.

If you want something that feels like the real thing and fills you up to your limit, this is the one for you. Just remember to keep things safe and fun by adding plenty of water-based lube.

Rainbow Pumped Dildo

Whether you’re gay, bi, trans, queer, or just an ally, show off your pride with a super bright and colorful rainbow dildo designed in tribute to the LGBTQ+ pride flag. We love this silicone toy, which has a smooth and sculpted shaft, gently bulbed head, and suction cup that will stick to any flat surface.

Glas Double Trouble Clear Glass Dildo

The Rainbow Pumped Dildo has realistic balls and a large base, making it completely safe for anal play. Its 9.4” length will satisfy even the most discerning size royalty, regardless of how you like to play. 

Glas Double Trouble Clear Glass Dildo

We’re obsessed with glass dildos like the Glas Double Trouble. Their hard and unyielding shafts provide a completely different feel from anything you’ve tried before. Whether you’re into G-spot or P-spot stimulation, the right glass dildo can provide amazing pressure and an intense massage that feels incredible. 

Want to get a bit kinky? Glass dildos are ideal for exploring temperature play. Simply pop your glass dildo in the fridge for 20 minutes before you start playing, or run it under some warm (not hot) water. The glass will hold the temperature and deliver warmth or chills in all the right places. 

Pro tip: insert your glass dildo and press a vibrator against the base or shaft. The glass will conduct the vibrations right to your most sensitive places. 

DoDil Shape Your Own Dildo

Every now and then, a product comes along that is truly innovative and shakes up the sex toy market. The DoDil was one such toy. This silicone dildo comes with a thermal canister. Simply soak the toy in hot water, which will make it soft and pliable. You’ll then have about 10 minutes to bend it into whatever shape you desire.

Loadz LDZ 7” Squirting Dildo

Best of all? You can do it again and again and again. So if you’re not sure what type of dildo you want, the DoDil gives you several in one. You’re limited only by your imagination!

Loadz LDZ 7” Squirting Dildo

Do you crave the feeling of your partner finishing inside you? You can now recreate that on your own with the Loadz LDZ Squirting Dildo. Its 7” realistic shaft provides a lifelike experience, and it is equipped with a powerful motor with 10 different modes of stimulation. 

Simply fill it up with the fluid of your choice, and the automatic squirting function will do the rest. You can just use warm water, but we recommend a cum lube if you really want to bring your fantasy to life. Spunk Natural Lube is our top choice. 

Colours DP

If your ultimate fantasy is to be filled in two holes at once, you can make it come true with the right double-ended dildo. We love the Colours DP line of double-ended silicone dongs in gorgeous bright colors. 

One end is slimmer than the other, so you can use them separately or together in whatever combination you like. And if you have a partner and fantasize about sharing the same toy, you can use this double-ended dong together for an incredible shared climax. 

The Colours DP is available in pink, purple, or blue, and is made of body-safe superior grade silicone. 


The choices are endless! Whether you want realistic or brightly colored, glass or silicone, double-ended or suction cup, there is sure to be the perfect dildo for you out there. We invite you to have a browse around and let your fantasies guide you. Most importantly, have fun! 

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