Busting Six Myths About Sex

Busting Six Myths About Sex

In the years we’ve been running our adult store, we’ve come across many of the same myths about sex. These myths are popular and enduring – but many of them are also inaccurate at best or even completely wrong! And they interfere with people’s ability to have good, satisfying sex.

To help everyone feel better about the sex you’re having (or not), let’s bust a few myths.

Myth: Men want sex all the time

Myth: Men want sex all the time

People of all genders have hugely variable sex drives. Our sex lives can change throughout our lives and can be affected by factors including stress, sleep, diet and exercise, relationship issues, and physical health problems. 

This myth puts enormous pressure on men. Paradoxically, it can also lead to a reduction in libido! It can also lead men’s partners to think there is something wrong with them if their boyfriend or husband doesn’t want to have sex for some reason. 

No one is horny and ready to go all the time. This idea that all men have high sex drives has been completely debunked. Instead of making assumptions based on gender, it’s better to talk to and listen to your partners about their actual experience. 

Oh, and that thing about men thinking about sex every seven seconds? Complete nonsense, sorry. 

Myth: Women are hard to please

The idea that women and other people with vulvas are hard to please sexually is popular. But it’s also an oversimplification and rooted in misogynistic ideas about the vulva being a mysterious and confusing thing.

In fact, everyone has different preferences in bed. The only way to know what your partner likes and what will please her is to ask her! 

Nervous to talk openly about sex? That’s normal and happens to a lot of couples. Why not browse an adult store together to break the ice? Looking at toys can help you both to discuss your fantasies. 

Myth: Penis size is extremely important

Myth: Penis size is extremely important

A minority of those who have sex with men and other people with penises find size to be very important. But in general, it’s not as important as men think it is – or as cultural myths would have us believe!

Some people prefer a larger penis. Others prefer a smaller one (which can be more comfortable during sex) or have no strong preference either way. Regardless of your size, being a good lover is about so much more than what you’re packing. Hands, mouths, and toys can all play just as great a role in pleasing your partner. And the most important thing? Open and honest communication about what you both like.

Myth: Sex toys are only for people who can’t get laid

There’s still a stigma around sex toy use. Many people believe that toys are only for people who can’t find a partner or someone to have sex with. But that’s simply not true. 

In fact, many people still masturbate and enjoy a lively solo sex life when they’re married or in a relationship. And that’s healthy! Your first, last, and longest sexual relationship is the one you have with yourself, and using sex toys can be a wonderful part of that. 

And, of course, couples can use toys together! Adding a toy can enhance your sex life, spice things up, and allow you to see each other’s pleasure in a whole new way. In short? Sex toys are for everyone. 

Feeling shy about purchasing your first toy? Shopping through an online adult store like Caliente Adult makes it easy and discreet. We always ship products in plain packaging, so no one will know what you bought unless you choose to share! 

Myth: Sex addiction is a thing

Myth: Sex addiction is a thing

You cannot get addicted to sex. 

Read that again: you cannot get addicted to sex. Dr David Ley, author of The Myth of Sex Addiction, explains that the symptoms of what is commonly called “sex addiction” are actually the symptoms of “moral values on what healthy sex is.” In other words, Ley says, you can be labelled a sex addict if you have “more sex, or different sex, than the therapist diagnosing you.”

We all have choices about our sexual behavior, and it is our responsibility to make good ones. Choices that honor consent, respect boundaries, and prioritize everyone’s pleasure. Dr Ley asserts that the idea of sex addiction can become a cop-out for bad behavior. 

Myth: Sex = intercourse

Our culture still equates sex with penis-in-vagina intercourse. But in fact, that’s just one type of sex. When we define sex as one specific act, we diminish all the other kinds of sex and the people who have them. Many people can’t do P-in-V for various reasons, or don’t want to, or don’t mind it but prefer other things. 

Those things that we commonly refer to as “foreplay”, such as hand sex, oral sex, and playing with toys? All those are forms of sex. 


Shed your sex myths for a happier, healthier love life! Letting go of harmful myths can free you up to enjoy more and better sex, whether by yourself or with a lover. 

Ready to explore? Check out our extensive adult store, with toys and accessories to satisfy fantasies from the mild to the wild. 

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