8 Huge Dildos to Buy if You’re a Size Queen or King

8 Huge Dildos to Buy if You’re a Size Queen or King

Size isn’t supposed to matter, but sometimes it does. When you love massive erections, it can be difficult to find a partner who can match your very particular desires. Whether you’re a size queen or a size king, there’s a huge dildo waiting to fill you up and stretch you wide, just the way you like it.

Check out these eight huge dildos and find the new dong you can’t live without.

King Cock 14 Inches

King Cock 14 InchesThe King Cock is available in multiple sizes and multiple colors. From solid black to a pale beige, you can have exactly what you want. This thick, straight beast of a cock has a girth of 7.2 inches. The veins and details make it look and feel as real as possible. Add plenty of lube and take your time with this one.


What if Kong wasn’t a big monster, but a monster dong instead? Try it for yourself. While it’s not the tallest of the bunch, it is a big, thick shaft with realistic veins and texture to maximize your pleasure. If you’re a new size queen or king, this is a great dildo to start with. As with all of these monster cocks, grab plenty of lube because you’re going to need it.

John Holmes

John HolmesGot some deep, dark, kinky, and retro fantasies about the legendary porn star John Holmes? Wish you could have his massive dong buried deep in your body? Now you can with this replica of his schlong. You get 12.7 inches of big, beautiful cock to enjoy your fantasies. Use the suction cups to mount this big boy wherever you want and get you some of that!

Dick Rambone

Is Dick Rambone your favorite classic adult star? Do you drool over his thick, luscious cock, wishing it was you he was pounding over and over again? Now it can be with this 16.7 massive dildo. Use the suction cup base to set him up where you want him, turn on your favorite porn clips, and close your eyes. It’ll be like he’s right there with you as you go to down on his long dong.

The Legend

The LegendNot all legends stand head and shoulders above the rest. Sometimes, like the Legend, they’re wide where others are long. This beautiful purple dildo is rippled for your pleasure with a bulbous tip so you really feel it going in. How big is it? The circumference is 5.5 inches, plenty big enough to stretch you as wide as you want.

Big John

The biggest complaint about realistic dildos is how so many don’t move like a thick, rigid cock. The Big John, clocking in at 11.5 inches is made of a special material that keeps it both rigid and flexible. He’s going to bend with you and hit all your hot spots, but he’ll be rock hard when he does it. Big John’s got all the good moves.

The Great American Challenge

The Great American ChallengeAre you up for a sexy challenge? Try the 15 inch beast that is the Great American Challenge. This purple dildo is straight as a rod and definitely more than a handful. The smooth shaft will feel even better once you add some lube. It’ll glide in and out of wherever you’re craving this behemoth to go.

Au Naturel Daddy

Want the flexibility and turgidity of the Big John but in a bigger size? The Au Naturel Daddy is 14 inches of pure meaty dong. This beautiful, deep, dark brown shaft will hit every spot you’ve got…and a few you didn’t know you had. You might be screaming, “Daddy!” by the time you’re through.


Don’t be ashamed of what turns you on and gets you off. If you need big monster erections that fill up every hole you’ve got, you can (and should) get what you want. When a partner can’t deliver, sex toys can. Huge dildos are a great way to stretch your body and your limits. Find the size, shape, and style that’s right for you at Caliente Adult Superstore!

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