9 Top-Rated Bullet Vibrators You Need to Own

9 Top-Rated Bullet Vibrators You Need to Own

If you love a good bullet vibrator, you know what they’re capable of — discreet, quiet, and overwhelming pleasure. There’s nothing wrong with collecting multiple types and styles of your favorite sex toy. When you do you have exactly what you crave whenever you’re ready for your next orgasm.

But how do you know which one to try next? Check out these top-rated (by Caliente Adult Superstore customers) bullet vibes and start adding to your vibrator collection.

Power Tingler

Power TinglerThe Power Tingler looks similar to a standard bullet vibe, but it offers a smooth, sleek tapered end so you can really pinpoint your pleasure. It’s a simple sex toy with two speeds that only requires a single battery. Take this one with you anywhere — including the tub because it’s waterproof, too.

Whisper Micro

Looking for pleasure in the exact right spot? The Whisper Micro is only an inch long and designed to focus the vibrations where you want them most. It’s quiet and keeps your pleasure simple with only two speeds. The remote is ergonomic for your comfort. Choose from pink or purple!

Sensuelle Rechargeable

Sensuelle RechargeableFor the person serious about your bullet vibrator collection, you don’t want to miss out on the Sensuelle Rechargeable. It comes in multiple colors and works by remote control. Choose from 10 functions to find exactly what you crave. Even better, play with a partner because this vibe works up to 65 feet away from its base.

Bnaughty Bullet

When you want to be naughty, go for the Bnaughty Bullet. The smooth texture feels good against your body, and the remote control lets you use it anywhere. Hand the remote to your partner, and let them play with the four different speeds to drive you wild. Or take it into the tub with you for some relaxing alone time — it’s waterproof and can handle whatever you want to do.

Colt 7

Colt 7What’s better than a single bullet? Try two bullets in the Colt 7! You’ll double your pleasure and give yourself even more options on when, where, and how you want to get off. Use the remote control to explore seven different functions. Even better, each bullet can be independently controlled so you can have a more personalized and pleasurable experience.

Power Buddies

Want a rabbit vibrator but in a much smaller size? Power Buddies looks like a mini rabbit but it runs off a bullet vibrator. You can remove the bullet and use it by itself or have fun with the soft ears and nearly three inch “shaft.” This little bunny is made to hit all your hot spots.

Rain Power

Rain PowerIf you’re ready for a different kind of bullet, look no further than the Rain Power. Each one is hand-finished and given a texture that mimics rain drops. This means that no two are exactly alike, but they all have amazing power and pleasure packed inside. The slanted tip lets you focus the seven functions right where you want to feel it most.

Ballistic Mini

Looking for a smaller, more discreet bullet vibrator? The Ballistic Mini offers all the power with none of the size of the larger options. It’s thicker than other miniature versions but still small and squat. Plug it into the battery pack/remote, lie back, and enjoy the two speeds and your next orgasm.

Femmefunn Ultra Bullet

Femmefunn Ultra BulletWhen you’re ready to buy a high quality bullet vibrator, check out the Femmefunn Ultra Bullet. It’s about four inches long, so you have more options for where and how to use it, and it’s made of body-safe silicone. Choose from 20 different vibration modes and take it anywhere, because it’s 100 percent waterproof. When you’re done playing, it recharges by USB, so it’s ready whenever you are.


There’s no right way to play with a bullet vibrator or the right number of vibrators to have in your collection. If you crave smaller, quieter, more discreet pleasure, start with any of these top-rated bullet vibes. Once you start, you might be hooked on these small but mighty vibes. Because they’re so small, they travel easy and can go nearly anywhere, so you never have to be without your battery-powered pleasure.

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