Fleshlight 101: What You Need to Know

Fleshlight 101: What You Need to Know

You probably already know that Fleshlights are a popular masturbator for a lot of guys. But do you know why they’re so well liked? Or what makes so many guys decide they’re worth the cost? (Real talk: Fleshlights are a sex toy investment — not your standard throwaway sleeve.)

Check out this quick Fleshlight 101 guide to make sure you understand the basics before you buy your next stroker.

Fleshlights Come Apart

If you’re used to basic masturbators that are essentially a plastic tube, you’re in for a surprise. Fleshlights are made to look like flashlights, hence the name. But it’s not just a block of plastic. The cap protects the sleeve’s entrance. The canister holds the sleeve. And of course, you jack off into the sleeve with an end-cap that gives you more precise control of what you feel. All are separate pieces that you can pull apart. This allows you to clean your Fleshlight more thoroughly. And when you need a new sensation, you can ditch the canister and just use the sleeve.

Each Tunnel is Unique

Each Tunnel is UniqueThe opening to your Fleshlight might get most of the attention, but what makes these masturbators stand out are the textured sleeves. Each one is different so that you always get a unique experience when you buy a new Fleshlight. They have bumps, ridges, twists, and turns — all to provide a better experience than you can have with your hand alone. Use the adjustable end cap at the back to control suction and really give your junk a good squeeze, too.

Fleshlight Material Feels Life Like

Fleshlights are made of material known as Real Feel Super Skin, designed to replicate penetrative sex with a real person. You can enhance this experience by using plenty of lube to reduce unnecessary friction or warming the sleeve before you use it, so it feels more like a real body. If you use your sleeve without the canister, you can enhance the realistic feeling of the Super Skin by applying pressure and controlling the squeeze with your own hand.

Fleshlight Girls and FleshJack Boys

Fleshlight Girls and FleshJack BoysIf you love certain adult actors, there’s a good chance they have a Fleshlight. And yes, you can take your pick between female and male porn stars. Each masturbator is modeled on the star, and they all include all the basics you expect from a Fleshlight: textured tunnel, amazing material, the canister and cap, and the realistic experience. When you pick a Fleshlight Girl or FleshJack Boy, you get to indulge in your fantasy beyond watching the same porn clip on repeat, though. It’s like you’re part of the action!

Pick Your Favorite Opening

Fleshlights come in two types — vaginal and anal — so you can have the experience you want most. Anal masturbators have a tighter squeeze during initial penetration, but all Fleshlights come with a textured tunnel to give you plenty of pleasure with each stroke. Most Fleshlights are designed to be realistic, although some, like the Ice and the Turbo, offer a less fleshy experience and a more futuristic, out-of-this world treat.

You Can Add Accessories

You Can Add AccessoriesWant to make your Fleshlight better than before? Choose from multiple Fleshlight accessories. The most basic option that most users should buy is Fleshlube. Choose from regular water-based lube, anal lube, and sensation lubes — warming and tingly. It’s made to work with your stroker and to enhance how good it feels. The second basic accessory is renewing powder. When you use it after you clean and dry your Fleshlight, you keep the material feeling like new for as long as possible. After that, go wild with your accessories. You can get a hands-free shower mount, a mount for your phone or tablet, virtual reality mounts, and sleeve warmers. Yes, you can trick out your Fleshlight and turn it into a new type of pleasure for yourself.


Fleshlights are the OG of high-end, well-made, quality masturbation sleeves. It’s easy to think they’re like every other stroker out there, but they’re in a class of their own. Once you understand what a Fleshlight is, how it’s made, and all the options you have, you start to understand why it’s one of the most popular mens’ sex toys on the market. Before you tell yourself one stroker is just like another, take a closer look at Fleshlight. You may be surprised at how much difference a good quality toy can make in your pleasure.

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