5 Reasons Not to Be Embarrassed About Shopping at an Adult Store

5 Reasons Not to Be Embarrassed About Shopping at an Adult Store

Are you thinking about going to an adult store for the first time? Do you feel a little awkward at the idea of walking in or worried about who might see you? A bit of embarrassment for first-time shoppers isn’t new, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Going to a sex toy shop like Caliente Adult Superstore isn’t that much different from going to any store. There are plenty of reasons not to feel weird about it.

No One Else is Paying Attention to You

No One Else is Paying Attention to YouWhen we say “no one” we mean no one else in the store. It’s easy to worry that you’re being watched, scrutinized, or judged for shopping at an adult store. In reality, everyone else there is trying to get their own new sex toy, lube, or lingerie. You’re not on their radar at all. They’re thinking about themselves, not what you’re doing.

The same is true for staff. They want to make sure you get the help you need, and they watch for problematic customers, of course. But nothing you’re buying or asking phases them. If they’ve worked in the store for any amount of time, they’ve already seen and heard it all, so no, they’re not judging you.

You’re Not the Only One

It doesn’t matter why you’re at an adult store — whether you want crotchless panties, a BDSM harness, or a vibrator — you’re not the only one. Not only are you in the store for the same reason everyone else is, after you leave, other people just like you will walk into the store, too.

You may think you’re “the only one” who’s into a sexual fantasy or has a question about a product. But it’s almost never true. Sexual desires and even fetishes are extremely common. The store exists for people just like you to find what you need and explore sexual pleasure. You’re never the only one.

Sex is Normal

Sex is NormalNew customers tend to worry what “it means” that they’re shopping in an adult store, and many feel embarrassed at first. The reason for this has a lot to do with how society treats sex. Few of us received sex education in school and most of us learned that sex is somehow “shameful” (it isn’t).

Feeling weird or embarrassed at an adult store is common, but sex is a normal, natural thing. That’s the thing a lot of people don’t realize, forget, or ignore. If you’re worried that you’re weird or abnormal because you want to buy a sex toy, you’re not. Sex is normal, and the more we treat it like it is, the easier it can be to embrace our sexual needs, desires, and pleasure.

Sex Toys are Tools

A lot of people don’t want to buy a sex toy, from an adult store or online, because they think using sex toys is bad or evidence of a problem. There might be a problem — that you’re not getting off the way you want to — but sex toys and adult products are not inherently problematic, regardless of what your ultra conservative aunt says on Facebook.

Sex toys are a tool that help you experience pleasure and satisfaction. Orgasms and masturbation are good for your health. And there’s no single “right” way to get off or have sex. You’re not broken because you want to buy a sex toy. Everyone is unique, and that means we all need something different for our sexual pleasure. Sex toys make sure everyone gets what they want.

This is Supposed to Be Fun

This is Supposed to Be FunShopping at an adult store is supposed to be fun, maybe even exciting. You go to look at and buy a sex toy that will make you feel sexy, help you orgasm, and/or allow you to indulge a sexual fantasy. If that’s not fun, what is?

So if you walk through the doors feeling awkward and embarrassed, you might miss out on a big part of sex toy shopping — the fun! It often helps to bring a friend or partner so you don’t feel alone or awkward when you shop. That way, when you come across a toy you didn’t know existed, you have someone to look at and say, “Do you see this?!” and you can both laugh and learn together.


When in doubt, bring someone with you to reduce any awkward feelings. But try to remember that shopping at an adult store isn’t that much different from going to the mall or the grocery store. Yes, you’re focusing on your sexual pleasure and fantasies instead of buying a shirt or milk, but it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

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