6 Sexy New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Partner to Do Together

6 Sexy New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Partner to Do Together

Setting New Year’s resolutions and goals for the upcoming year is often a very personalized, individual thing. But there’s nothing wrong with setting goals as a couple, too. Especially if you want to strengthen your relationship and foster intimacy between you and your partner in the next year. If you’re looking for ways to spice up your romance or your sex life, check out these ideas. When you’re ready to shop, Caliente Adult has everything you’ll need to sex up your life!

Masturbate More

Masturbate MoreThe great thing about masturbation is that it can be a solo activity or something you do together. When life keeps you from having the time and energy for the sex you really want, masturbation is always there. Getting off alone means that you’re more relaxed and calm. Masturbating with your partner aka mutual masturbation is another way to be intimate with a lot less pressure to perform and energy used.

By masturbating more often, you’re more in touch with your own sexual pleasure. You also acknowledge that your partner has needs, too. Masturbation in a relationship leads to more intimacy and better sex.

Schedule Sex

Having a busy life definitely gets in the way of the fun you’d rather be having. Just like you schedule any other appointment, scheduling sex means you’re making time for you and your partner. You’re making it clear to yourself that your sexual pleasure is as important as a trip to the dentist or to the hair salon. And if you’re the type who lives their life with the belief that if it’s not on your to-do list it won’t get done, you might be the type who needs to pencil in sex in order to have more of it.

Thankfully, sex can be defined any way you want it to be. It doesn’t always have to be penetrative, take several hours, or use a lot of energy. But putting it on your schedule means you’ve made it a priority.

Go to a Sex Store Together

Go to a Sex Store TogetherShopping at a sex store with a partner makes it easier for both of you to communicate desires, explore fantasies, and try new things. It helps normalize sexual pleasure and curiosity and gives you both a new way to explore sex and each other. Use it as a date night idea if that makes it easier. But take the opportunity to shop together and let yourself be more open about your needs and desires as you wander the store.

Role Play a Sexual Fantasy

Role play isn’t easy for some people. You may feel awkward or silly pretending to be someone you’re not. But sometimes the best way to engage in a sexual fantasy is to pretend you’re someone else. If either of you has a fantasy you can’t stop thinking about, talk about it together and think about how you can explore these desires with each other. You probably don’t need an elaborate costume or silly accent. It may be as easy as a little dirty talk and an adult game of pretend.

Try Bondage Together

Try Bondage TogetherOnly do this if either of you is curious about bondage. Don’t think you have to just because “everyone” is doing it. But if you love the idea of being tied up or tying up your partner, set it as a goal for this year! You don’t have to know how to tie knots like a sailor to try bondage. You can use bondage tape or bed restraints. Pair this with your role play fantasy or try it as part of some fun, kinky sex. Before you do anything, do a little research on how to be safe with bondage and make sure you talk to your partner a lot so you both know what to expect.

Use a Sex Toy Together

In some relationships, both partners are comfortable with solo sex toy use but never consider using one together. This is an orgasmic travesty. Any sex toy can be a couples toy, but plenty are made specifically for mutual pleasure. For penetrative sex, consider a vibrating cock ring so both of you feel amazing with each stroker. Regardless of gender or body parts, We-Vibe Chorus and Sync are great for grinding, vibrating, and taking full control of your mutual pleasure. If shopping at a sex store store is already on your list, take a look at the toys designed for two.


Making plans and setting New Year’s resolutions together as a couple is a great way to increase intimacy, strengthen your bond, and explore new things. When you make your resolutions about sex and pleasure, you do all of that and (potentially) have a better sex life, too. Basically, everyone wins with sexy resolutions. Which ones will you add to your list this year?

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