9 Sex Toys that Don’t Look Like Sex Toys

9 Sex Toys that Don’t Look Like Sex Toys

When you know it’s a sex toy, it always looks like a sex toy. But for nosy roommates, parents, or kids who don’t know what they’re looking at, they won’t be able to guess what any of these things are at first glance. And when you forget to put your favorite sex toy away after some amazing orgasms, you’ll be glad these aren’t obvious to anyone else.

If you need this kind of sex toy in your life, check out these nine options first!

Slay #Enticeme

Slay #EnticemeWhen you think of wand massager, you probably imagine a large vibrator with an obvious head. But take a look at Slay’s #Enticeme. This little toy doesn’t exactly bring to mind a big vibrator. It might be more discreet but you don’t sacrifice power with size. It’s powerful and offers 10 settings so you can get exactly what you crave.

We-Vibe Chorus

When you know, you know, but only other sex toy lovers will know this couples sex toy is really a vibrator for your clit and G-spot. The unique shape of the We-Vibe Chorus makes it feel amazing and keeps it subtle to any randos who sneak into your space. Enjoy it alone or with a partner, and use the remote control for more hands-free pleasure.

Tenga Egg

Tenga EggIf this reminds you of Easter egg hunts as a kid, you’re going to be shocked at the surprise inside a Tenga Egg. Hidden in this egg is a discreet masturbation sleeve. It fits over your penis while you masturbate. Each egg has a different texture so you get unique sensations. Store your Tenga in the egg between each use, and no one will ever know you’ve got a sex toy at all.

Irona Midori

Made by Tenga, the Irona Midora is a clitoral vibrator that doesn’t put you immediately in mind of a sex toy. The small size and unique shape offer powerful stimulation, and the tip lets you get precise in where you feel the buzzing stimulation. Enjoy four vibration modes and three speeds to find exactly what gets you off. When you’re done, don’t hide it because who can tell it’s a sex toy?

Womanizer Duo

Womanizer DuoTo the casual observer, the Womanizer Duo probably looks more like the Enterprise from Star Trek than what it is — a clitoral and G-spot stimulator. Womanizer is infamous for their air pressure clitoral vibrators. The Duo gives you that and a G-spot vibrator for double the pleasure. All that, and it doesn’t look like any other sex toy you’ve ever used.

Womanizer 2Go

It might be cliche but lipstick vibrators often go unnoticed and travel really well. If you’ve never been brave enough to put a sex toy in your bag, the Womanizer 2Go might help you rethink that. It’s a clitoral stimulator (using the same air pressure the brand is famous for) that’s meant for discreet, on-the-go pleasure. Don’t insert it or try to use it as a real lipstick. But if it falls out of your bag, no one will know what you really have.

Key Pyxis

Key PyxisIf anyone was going to see the Key Pyxis as a sex toy at all, they might think it’s a cock ring. In reality, this beautiful silicone toy is a finger vibrator. Wear it like a ring and touch yourself in your most sensitive spots. Choose from five patterns and enjoy this soft, flexible, and highly discreet toy. It’s small enough to be overlooked by anyone snooping around — which is what you want.

Glas Chili Pepper Dildo

When is a pepper not a pepper? When it’s a dildo! The Glas Chili Pepper Dildo could be mistaken for a paperweight, a weird art piece, or some quirky thing you bought because you love it spicy. What most people will never realize is that it’s actually a dildo. If you’re feeling really brave, leave this one out in the open so anyone can see it.

Silver Balls

Silver BallsBen wa balls are a great tool for strengthening your pelvic floor and your vaginal muscles. They’re also amazing for getting you turned on long before you masturbate or have partnered sex. And if anyone sees them out, you can always claim they’re stress balls. In a way, they are, because after you use them, you’re definitely more relaxed.


If you’re looking for a toy that doesn’t immediately give you away when you forget to hide it, look for something unique in shape and size. When in doubt, pick something small and a little different. No matter what kind of sex toy you want, Caliente Adult has what you need.

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