9 Silicone Dildos You’re Going to Love

9 Silicone Dildos You’re Going to Love

When you love penetration, a good dildo can be your best friend. It’s important that it feels good and lasts as long as possible. The best quality option you can buy that also offers a realistic sensation is a silicone dildo. They’re safer for your body, more easily cleaned and sterilized, last forever, and look and feel amazing.

When you’re ready to buy a new dildo, check out this list to find one you’ll love!

Goddess Handle

Goddess HandleTantus is known for their gorgeous and unique dildos. The Goddess Handle is no exception. Choose from multiple lengths to find what works best for you body. The subtle curves and soft material feels great in and against your body. The ergonomic handle makes thrusting easier and more comfortable than ever. You won’t want to put this one down.

Perfect D

Who doesn’t crave the Perfect D? If you aren’t in a relationship with one, you can always buy yourself one! Choose from multiple lengths and multiple skin tone colors to find your perfect dildo. What makes this realistic dong better than most is that it vibrates at multiple speeds so you get the stimulation and sensation you really want. It’s like having two sex toys in one!

Silicone Willy’s

Silicone Willy’sSilicone Willy’s from Blush is another gorgeous dildo that offers something for everyone — a realistic shaft with veins and texture, multiple sizes, and multiple colors. This non-vibrating option features a strong suction cup so you can go hands-free, either when you’re alone or if you want to put on a sexy show for your partner.


Here we go with Tantus again, giving us life and a genuinely unique dildo. If this psychedelic beauty, known as the Hookah, doesn’t Zen you out, what will? Enjoy the swirls, spirals, and bumps in this short, squat dildo. It’s perfect for G-spot or p-spot play. Lube up and enjoy! And when you’re done, sit back and admire it as a beautiful toy.

Evolved Luminous Dildo

Evolved Luminous DildoWith the Luminous Dildo from Evolved, you might be so entranced by the light that you forget to play with it. But not for long. The glowing inner core makes it beautiful in daylight and easy to find once the lights go out. The bendable, flexible shaft fits against your inner-curves and the suction cup lets you play in multiple ways.

Rascal The Player

Who doesn’t want a rascal and a player? With Rascal The Player you get a fun and functional blue dildo that also glows in the dark. You’ll never misplace your toy in bed again. Enjoy yourself solo or with a partner and never worry about being played again. Why? Because you’re the one doing all the playing with this dong.


FleshstixxxCurve Novelties Fleshstixxx is all about choice. Choose from sizes ranging from eight inches to more than 11 inches. Choose from multiple flesh tones from light to dark. And choose how you want to play — with a suction cup or while you hold it in and against your body. Either way, you’ll give yourself a great fuck with the bendable, flexible, realistic shaft, a true flesh stick.

Big Shot

Want a dildo that’s more than the average dong? You need Big Shot — a wireless remote control vibrator dildo with 21 functions. You may never want to put clothes on or get out of bed again once you start playing with this one. Use the suction cup or add this big boy to your strap-on harness for partnered fun. This big shot will definitely make YOU the big shot in bed.

Neo Elite

Neo EliteSometimes you want a dildo that’s just as fun to look at as it is to use. The Neo Elite in neon green fits the bill. Like all the other silicone dildos in this list, it’s soft, flexible, and still firm, giving you a pounding you’ll love. But what makes this toy so unique is the fun color that stands out in any sex toy collection. Even when you’re not using it, you might take it out just to enjoy the color.


You CAN have a dildo that feels amazing, looks good, and is safe for your body. Silicone dildos are a great option if you’re choosy about what goes in your vagina or anus (and you should be choosy!). When you’re ready to buy a new dildo, shop all the silicone options here at Caliente Adult!


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