Finger Vibrators: What are They and Why You Need One

Finger Vibrators: What are They and Why You Need One

Are you a vibrator-lover who only wants to use a powerful toy to get yourself off? You might have rejected finger vibrators as not big enough — before you tried one. Do you prefer to masturbate with your hand because it feels good and gives you total control? You might have thought you’d never use a sex toy. But a finger vibrator can enhance what you already love about masturbation.

Regardless of your preferences, if you’ve never considered a finger vibrator for your sex toy collection or as part of your sexual pleasure, you might be missing out. Here’s what you need to know.

What is a Finger Vibrator?

What is a Finger Vibrator?A finger vibrator is a small, discreet, and often quiet vibrator that acts as an extension of your own hand. They’re perfect for people who prefer to use their own fingers for an orgasm but who also want more sensation and stimulation in the process. Some are shaped like fingers, while others fit well against one or more fingers. These small vibrators give you plenty of flexibility and accuracy to stimulate your body in the way you love best.

What Makes Finger Vibrators Great

Everyone has their own preference for the type of stimulation they crave, but if you love touching your clit or G-spot with your fingers, you may love using a finger vibrator.

They’re Portable

Because they’re small, finger vibrators are easy to pack in a bag and take on the go. Some look like tubes of lipstick or even oversized rings. Even if TSA checks your bag, they likely won’t know what you have unless you tell them. And if you’re in a hotel, housekeeping will likely overlook your finger vibrator, if they even see it. Putting it away and keeping it out of sight is easier with these tiny vibes.

You Maintain Your Dexterity

While larger vibrators offer plenty of sensation, they don’t always allow for a lot of subtle movements to adjust stimulation and reach certain spots. A finger vibrator acts as an extension of your own hand so you can keep the dexterity you’re used to and get right into your favorite spot.

They’re Not as Weak as You Think

It’s easy to assume that a small vibrator won’t be very powerful. And in many cases, this is true. But not always. More finger vibrators are hitting the market with a lot of power packed into very small motors. You get the benefit of a small toy but with the oomph of something much larger.

Why You Need a Finger Vibrator

Why You Need a Finger VibratorOkay so “need” might be too strong a word, but there are some reasons to want a finger vibrator over any other type of vibe.

Add Extra Sensation

Some people genuinely love getting themselves off with their own hand. They prefer the contact, the feel of their own skin, and the control. A finger vibrator is one of the few sex toys that allows you to keep what you love about using your hand. But the bonus is that you get the additional stimulation of delightful vibrations.

Great During Partnered Sex

If you need, want, love, crave, or prefer stimulation to your clitoris during partnered sex, especially penetration, you know how difficult it can be to get what you need — depending on the sex position you’re in. Because of its size, a finger vibrator often fits easily between you and your partner or between your thighs during sex.

Add Something New to Your Next Orgasm

If you’ve ever been bored by your own masturbation habit, you’re not alone. When you do something over and over again, it becomes routine. After a while, boredom can creep in. A finger vibrator offers you the flexibility of maintaining your preferred position while adding something new to your next orgasm. It’s a win-win!


Finger vibrators aren’t just the unwanted siblings of larger, more powerful vibrators. They offer plenty of pleasure in their own way. And some can be just as powerful as the biggest toys. But it’s important to understand what they can do so you can decide if it’s the right thing for your next orgasm. Once you find the right finger vibe, though, you may be shocked at how good it can make you feel.

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