9 Top Selling Dildos You Need in Your Life

9 Top Selling Dildos You Need in Your Life

Looking for a new dildo? Want a different penetration experience — alone or with a partner? With thousands of dildos to choose from, it’s not always easy to narrow down your options when you shop. That’s why we love to make lists of our customers favorites. Check out nine of the top-selling dildos we carry and try something new today!

King Cock Uncut

King Cock UncutEver had sex with someone who wasn’t circumcised? Desperate to try it for the first time or to relive the experience? Add the King Cock Uncut to your toy collection for a unique experience. The dildo is made to be as lifelike as possible so it has both a moveable foreskin and a flexible shaft. It has a suction cup base, but it’s also harness compatible if you and a partner want to enjoy the uncut D together.

The Perfect D

If you think the perfect dick doesn’t exist, you haven’t seen The Perfect D yet. Molded directly from a real erect penis, this is as realistic as it gets from the pale skin tone to the dark veins in the shaft. Enjoy the suction cup or pop it in your strap-on harness for fun for two. When you’re done, you can say you’ve finally experienced perfection.

B Yours Sweet and Small

B Yours Sweet and SmallDon’t love long dildos? The B Yours Sweet and Small gives you girth without length. Clocking in at four inches in length and 1.5 inches in diameter, it’s great for people who don’t want anything going too deep. And if you like a little color in your life, you’re going to love the purple shade. This soft, small dildo is great for penetrative newbies and experienced dildo-users alike.

Double Rider

Want to explore double penetration without adding a third partner to your love life? Try the Double Rider instead. This silicone dildo features rings for erection and testicular support during penetration so both partners are comfortable. You get the flexibility to align both you and a dildo with a partner without having to contort your body into a position you can’t hold. Make your DP fantasies come true!

Candy Land Juicer

Candy Land JuicerDildos with texture are great, as long as you can actually feel the bumps and ridges. The Candy Land Juicer makes that easier than ever. This glass dildo is durable, safe, and easy to use and makes feeling the dildo’s texture easy. Insert and use the rotary handle for spinning stimulation. The extra thick torque plates provide sensation you’ve never experienced before.

Jeff Stryker

Love watching clips of Jeff Stryker pounding away and coming all over the place? Wish you could have him in your own bed? You can! The Jeff Stryker UltraSkyn dildo is a replica that helps you bring your fantasies to life. The balls jiggle and move when you touch them. It’s Vac-U-Lock compatible and has a removable suction cup so you can enjoy this dildo however you want.

Lifelikes Latin Baron

Lifelikes Latin BaronGot a fantasy of getting dicked down by royalty? Try the Lifelikes Latin Baron, a short, girthy dildo designed to make you scream in pleasure. The realistic texture and shape let you indulge in whatever fantasy you might have. Use it alone or with a partner. Make it part of a steamy fantasy or turn on a bit of porn while you pound away. If it makes you feel good, it’s a good way to enjoy this dildo.

Squirting Realistic Cock

If you’re tired of trying to remember what the real D feels like, it might be time to try as close to the real thing as possible — the Squirting Realistic Cock. This eight inch veined dildo has movable balls and can ejaculate. Use whatever body safe liquid you prefer and splooge all over yourself or a partner.

Accommodator Dual Penetrator

Accommodator Dual PenetratorLooking for a DP dildo that’s great for beginners? Try the Accommodator Dual Penetrator. The slim dildo is great for penetration newbies, especially for anal. It’s firm, smooth design is designed for comfort so that you both enjoy the dual penetration you crave. Now that you have the right dildo for DP, you can focus on making it hot AF.


Everyone wants something a little different from their dildo, which is why this list is so eclectic. But if you’re looking for a new penetration adventure, try one (or more!) from this list. Discover for yourself why customers love these dildos so much.

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