Why Sex Toys are More Popular Than Ever

Why Sex Toys are More Popular Than Ever

You’re forgiven if you think the first sex toys were invented in the 1990s and then made popular by shows like Sex and the City. In fact, sex toys have a long history and have been around, in some form or fashion, for millennia.

But why do they seem so popular now? Here are just a few reasons.

The Internet

The InternetLet’s face it — for all its problems, the internet has helped us all connect more based on shared beliefs, ideas, and memes. And that includes our love of sex toys. Not only does the internet make it easier to find a sex toy to buy, but it also helps us find other people who like what we like. And the number of articles (ahem, like this one) that celebrate sex, pleasure, and toys helps us remember we’re not alone. Without the internet, this kind of connection isn’t as easy.

More Options

Until the late 20th century, there weren’t exactly a lot of options in sex toys. You had a few basic options: external vibrators, rubber dildos, and a few others. Most were made of the same material and in the same shape. But with the addition of silicone as a workable material and the inventiveness of sexual brands and sex tech companies, sex toy options skyrocketed. Having more options increases the chance of finding what works for your body which means you want to shop.

Easier to Buy

Easier to BuyBack in the day, you needed to live in a large enough city to have access to a sex toy shop. Some small towns refused to let adult stores open up. Others only allowed them in the worst parts of town. Even in larger cities, they could be a little seedy and scary. These days, sex shops are a lot more mainstream, with a store in most towns and cities, and of course, the internet, puts sex toys at our fingertips. This means that no matter where you are, you can buy yourself a toy.

Less Stigma

To be honest, there are still too many people who think sex toys are bad or that they replace your partner. But thanks to the internet and the way sex toys have been showcased in pop culture (Oprah magazine once called the rabbit vibrator the Rolls Royce of sex toys), sex toy use is much more normalized. More online articles talk about better ways to use sex toys than ever before, which has definitely helped increase its popularity.

More Affordable Options

More Affordable OptionsAt this point, you can find a sex toy for any budget. Yes, you usually get a better quality toy when you pay more. But even people with a minimal budget can find something to buy that will work for them. More brands and styles mean more competition from sex toy companies which can mean better prices for you. And retailers love handing out coupon codes (we do too!) to incentivize shopping and save you some cash.

Better Products

As technology and methods advance, products get better. Sex toys are no exception to this. If you love vibrators, more powerful motors now exist as do toys with more settings. For those who love a stroker, they feel more realistic and look better than ever. And there’s definitely an app for your sexual pleasure, including when you use sex toys. You don’t have to put up with mediocre products if you don’t want to because there’s always something better to try.


Vibrators continue to be one of the most popular types of sex toys available with dildos running a close second. But the really good news is that more people continue to discover that they love sex toys and use them on a regular basis — alone or with a partner. Access and affordability make a difference, too. While sex toys still have plenty of room for improvement, the strides made in the past 30 years have helped increase sex toy use and popularity. That means more people experience more sexual pleasure, and that’s never a bad thing.

Ready to find your next favorite sex toy? With our selection, you’re sure to find something you love and want to use all the time.

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