7 Stay-At-Home Sexy Date Night Ideas

7 Stay-At-Home Sexy Date Night Ideas

With the current state of the world, staying at home may be the safest option for your health and the best option for your bank account. But that doesn’t mean you have to forego sexy date nights with your significant other, either.

Keep it sexy while at home with these date night ideas.

Stream a Sexy Movie

Stream a Sexy MoviePick your favorite streaming app and search for a movie known for its sexiness. It might be an older erotic thriller like Basic Instinct or Eyes Wide Shut. You might go with a sexy, sensual, sultry option like Blue is the Warmest Color or American Honey. The entire point is to pick a movie that’s sexy AF that might get you both in the mood, even as you spend time watching the movie together.

Take a Shower or Bath Together

A warm bubble bath can be fun if your tub is big enough. A steamy shower can be sensual if you’d prefer to stay upright. Whatever sexiness you get up to in the water is up to you. But it’s really about spending time together in a different way. Soap each other up. Touch and tease each other. Wash the other’s hair. Whatever you want to do, it all counts as time well spent together and foreplay.

Get Naked in Your Backyard

Get Naked in Your BackyardAssuming you have privacy with fencing or a lack of neighbors, this can be a lot of fun while feeling a little daring. Be careful of sun exposure (put on your SPF!) during the day and bug bites if you’re out in the evening. Whether you go skinny dipping in your own pool, take some sexy photos together, or get down and dirty in the literal dirt, it’s really about having fun together while also being naked. And if you want the fun to last even longer, camp out in your backyard — in the nude!

Watch Porn Together

Watching a sexy movie might get you warmed up, but watching porn often leads to a bit more action. This is a great time to explore a sexual fantasy one or both of you want to try. It’s also great as background noise or part of foreplay. And if it’s just the two of you, don’t be afraid of streaming your porn on your TV. If it’s porn you love to watch, it might feel even more immersive and real once it’s life-size and in 4K.

Read an Erotic Story to Your Partner

Read an Erotic Story to Your PartnerIf reading out loud isn’t your thing, play some erotic audio instead. There are so many sleep meditation apps designed to help you calm down, especially at night. Which means you may already know the soothing power of having someone tell you a story. So what happens if the story is erotic and hits on a mutual kink or sexual fantasy? Instead of rolling over and going to sleep, you can rollover and get busy.

Play a Sex or Sexy Game

You can sex up any game — Strip Poker is a perfect example of that. You can also play games specifically about sex. Either way, you’re taking your usual game night to a new level. The excitement of sexual stakes in an otherwise mundane game might be all you need to be ready for more. Playing a sexy game that helps you explore sexual pleasure in a new way like Touch Me might help you take your sex life to a new level. And it will all be because you planned a sexy date night.

Shop for Sex Toys Together

Shop for Sex Toys TogetherYou know we had to throw this one in, right? Once adult stores begin to open back up, you may want to shop in person. But if you’re doing your best to stay home, online shopping is your friend for much more than groceries, delivery, or wine. Browse through the Caliente Adult online shop. Search for sex toys or products you’re curious about. Talk to each other about how you want to use a toy — alone or together. The conversation may be all you need to get really turned on. And once your new sex toy arrives you can plan a different kind of date night!


Date nights don’t have to be boring or typical. And yes, a “date night” that focuses solely on sexual pleasure is a legitimate way to spend time with your partner and connect with each other. Even on a tight budget, there are ways to have a great time on stay-at-home date nights because nudity makes everything better. But if you want to invest in your mutual sexual pleasure, adult stores can help, too!

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