Why Guys are Thankful for Their Pocket Pussies

Why Guys are Thankful for Their Pocket Pussies

‘Tis the season for gratitude. Yes, be thankful for your health, your home, your family, your job, or any other good thing in your life. But what about your sex toys? Are you thankful for them? If not, why not?

For guys who love using their pocket pussies, there are many reasons to be thankful. Here are just a few of them.

Less Boredom

Less BoredomThe first “toy” any guy ever uses is his hand. It’s fine, and it definitely gets the job done. Plus, you always have it with you, so masturbating is simple enough. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get bored at some point.

That’s where pocket pussies come in handy (pardon the pun). It offers something different that the palm of your hand can’t. You can play in different ways or use different masturbators based on your mood. Jacking off with a sleeve requires intention which is more likely to keep your attention and keep you from feeling bored.

New and Different Sensations

The reason a hand gets boring after a while is because it’s the same sensation over and over again. There’s not much you can do to change how your own hand feels. But a pocket pussy might offer different sensations depending on how you use it, especially if you pick one with suction action.

Even if you choose the most basic option, it’s going to feel different than what you’re used to — your hand or whatever DIY option you concocted in the past. As long as you don’t play with it every time you get off, it’ll feel new and unique whenever you do use it. And if you use different lubes, like icy or warming, or add toys like cock rings or shower mounts, you’ll get a completely new experience.

Easier to Fantasize

Easier to FantasizeWhen you jack off with your hand, you know it’s your hand. But when you pound a pocket pussy molded from a porn star or shaped like a set of lips, you can close your eyes and almost feel like you’re not getting off alone.

Turn on porn or think about someone who gets you hard and horny. Good masturbators use materials and textures that feel realistic but still add something extra, so when you play, you can pretend you’re doing someone else. If masturbating with your hand feels rote and routine, indulging in fantasies with a pocket pussy makes it fun and exciting again.

Increased Sexual Stamina

Not every pocket pussy makes this claim, but some guys love their toys for the help it offers in lasting longer. Look for a brand or model made to increase sexual stamina, and you’ll be amazed at what it can do for the rest of your sex life. The Fleshlight Lady Stamina Training Unit is one option.

What makes these pocket pussies work is that they’re made with an extra stimulating tunnel. It’s designed to drive you wild and get you off quickly. But if you can hold out with a sleeve like this, you’ll last even longer with a partner later. (Spoiler alert: Vaginas don’t have textured tunnels like a pocket pussy.)

It Just Feels Good

It Just Feels GoodLet’s be real here. You don’t have to have a specific reason to be thankful for your pocket pussy. Because you like it and it feels good are great reasons. Never feel like you have to justify your sex toys to anyone, even yourself. Getting yourself off in a way that feels good to you is a perfect reason to buy your first or your tenth masturbator. And if none of the other reasons to be thankful for a pocket pussy apply to you, this reason is good enough.


If you’ve thought about getting a masturbator but held off for any reason, these are legitimate reasons plenty of guys reach for their toys time and time again. But as we said before, you don’t need a “legit” reason to buy a pocket pussy. Because you’re curious, interested, or want to experiment with your own pleasure are good enough reasons. Once you find your favorite toy, you’ll probably be thankful for it, too.

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