How to Save Money on Sex Toys Over the Holidays

How to Save Money on Sex Toys Over the Holidays

Gift-giving season isn’t just the presents you want to buy other people. Many of us think about what we want, too. There’s nothing wrong if the thing you really want to buy this holiday season is a sex toy or two whether it’s for you or for your partner.

But since most of us have to stick to a budget, how do you make room for an indulgence like a new sex toy? Here are a few ways to make sure you get the best deal when you shop this holiday season.

Take Advantage of Black Friday Deals

Take Advantage of Black Friday DealsBetween Black Friday and Cyber Monday, chances are you’ll find a sale, a coupon code, or a special deal on a sex toy you want. Jump on these offers when you can so you know you’re paying less than you normally might. Even though many retailers will offer sales throughout the holiday season, the best deals usually happen right after Thanksgiving.

Do some shopping before Black Friday to figure out what you want. Once you find out about any sales, you can do the math and figure out what from your sex toy wishlist you can afford. This will help you check out quickly and avoid the dreaded “out of stock” message.

Follow Your Favorite Retailer on Social Media

One of the places any sex toy shop will share their upcoming sales or coupon codes is on social media. Turn on notifications during the holiday season so you see the deals as they’re posted. (Social media algorithms won’t always show you posts from the brands you follow unless you do this, so it’s a good trick to use when you follow anyone online.)

Not only will you see updates about the latest sale, but you’ll also see follow-up posts that will remind you about the sale, too. How many of us have thought, “I need to use that coupon code!” only to forget by the next day? Most sites will post about their sale non-stop on social media, so you’ll see several reminders.

Use Free Shipping Options

Use Free Shipping OptionsDepending on where you shop and where you live, shipping can cost anywhere from a few dollars to $15 or more per package. When you’re just a few dollars short of the free shipping, it might be worth adding an extra bottle of lube or a small toy to get you to the minimum amount.

You can add products you need – think sex toy cleaner, lube, condoms, or batteries – which will make your sex life easier while also saving the cost of shipping. It’s also something to consider when choosing between a toy that’s $40 and one that’s $50. Yes, the $50 toy costs more, but if the shipping charge is $15, you’ll ultimately spend more for the $40 sex toy.

Buy First Generation Models

Many sex toy brands will release a product one year and then a year later release the next-generation version. It often looks a little different but comes with the same technology on the inside. Vibrator companies love to do this. Satisfyer, LELO, and We-Vibe are just a few brands that’ll make a version of a toy and the next year change it slightly and maybe give it a new name.

To save money, look for the first generation version to see if it’s still in stock. You’re getting a decent toy but often for much less than the newest one. You often still get the benefits of coupon codes, sales, or free shipping with a minimum spend, too. It’s just like buying an older iPhone for a steep discount when the newest version comes out.

Ask for Gift Cards to Sex Toy Shops

Ask for Gift Cards to Sex Toy ShopsThe easiest way to save your own cash but still get a new sex toy this holiday season is to ask for gift cards. Someone else pays the money but you get the toy. It’s a win-win for everyone. Of course, you probably want to ask people who won’t feel weird about helping you buy a vibrator or masturbator.

Gift cards are great options for the partner who wants you to have a new sex toy or help you get off more often but feels clueless about what to buy. They’re also great gifts from or for close friends you’re comfortable talking about sex with. Celebrities have admitted in the past that they gift vibrators to their friends. It’s like that, but with a gift card that lets you choose exactly what you want.


Buy a sex toy for you, and buy one for a friend or partner. If the deals are good enough, it’s worth it. Especially since you’ll benefit from the pleasure, orgasms, and relaxation that happen when you practice the sexiest form of self-love there is. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay full price for anything, either. If you love shopping sales as much as you love a good orgasm, you don’t have to choose between them.

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