What You Can Buy from an Adult Store

What You Can Buy from an Adult Store

If you’re rolling your eyes, and thinking, “What can you buy at an adult store? Sex toys, of course!” you’re definitely not wrong. But what a lot of people don’t realize, especially if they’ve never been to a physical sex toy store, is that there are a lot of other things you can buy besides dildos, vibrators, and cock rings.

For anyone who’s never shopped at an adult store before or only goes into look for one specific type of sex toy, here are all the other things you can buy, too!


LingerieEvery adult shop will have a different selection to choose from, but you can buy your sexy underwear here. Find bustiers and corsets, but also thigh highs and crotchless panties. Babydolls, slips, body stockings, and whatever other sexy, lacy, see-through thing you want to wear will be on sale, and in multiple colors — not just black, red, or white. And the lingerie isn’t just for women, either. If you’ve got a penis, you can find sexy underwear at a sex shop, too.

Sexy Costumes

Into role play? Want a legitimately sexy costume for Halloween? Adult shops are the perfect place to find your next sexy costume. You can be anything and anyone, from prisoner to nurse to cowgirl to a teacher. If you’re planning a fun and sexy time at home or with your friends, sex toy shops can be the perfect place to find the perfect outfit. Even better, it’s a multi-use outfit — wear it in the bedroom and to a party.

Bondage and Fetish Gear

Bondage and Fetish GearMost adult stores have a section devoted to bondage gear and fetish toys or clothing. Some stores have a small selection, and others have a lot to choose from. But there’s always something to find there. For beginners, you can find blindfolds or ticklers, and everything in between. Established kinksters can often find something new to try, too. Paddles, crops, whips, bondage tape, wax play candles, and more are all available for kinky fun. Shopping at a store gives you the chance to pick up and hold your kinky gear before you buy it — so you’re more likely to be happy with it when you get it home.


You didn’t think porn was just an internet thing, did you? Adult shops have been the purveyors of porn for years and years, and that’s still true today. You’ll find both DVDs and magazines at your local sex toy store. In many cases, the DVDs are sold at a bundled discount, so the more you buy, the more you save. It might seem strange to pay for porn in the 21st century, but it’s the responsible thing to do. Buying your porn helps stars and film companies keep making more of it.


LubeIf a sex toy store is where you go to get a dildo or butt plug, it also needs to be the place you get the lube you need to feel good. Go to the personal lubricant section of an adult shop, and you may be shocked at all the options you find. Flavored lube, sensation lube, warming lube, and of course the basic lubes you need to make sex feel good. The nice thing about shopping in a store is that you can often ask questions and even feel or smell each lube to decide what you prefer.


Some sex toys include accessories. The Original Magic Wand and other large body massagers let you add different attachments to hit different spots on your body. Fleshlight offers accessories for shower use and virtual reality. These accessories can often be found in your local adult shop. Some brands make compatible accessories that will work with multiple brands. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your favorite sex toy, talk to someone on staff and they can point you in the right direction and let you know which accessories work with which toys.


It’s easy to assume that the best selection will always be found online. And if you like having unlimited options, the internet is the place to go. But don’t ignore brick and mortar sex toy shops. Many stores hand select what they carry so they know their customers are getting the best products. Shopping in a store also lets you ask questions and learn about sex toys from real people who can explain things to you in detail. If you’re in South Florida, head over to either of our Caliente Adult Superstore locations. You may be shocked at what you’ll find there!

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