7 Things You Need to Know About Fleshlight

7 Things You Need to Know About Fleshlight

Fleshlights are one of the most popular sex toys for men on the planet, and the people who use them, love them. It’s not all hype, either. Millions of people know they’ve got something good with a Fleshlight.

If you’re still on the fence or you’re wondering if the cost is worth it, here are some things you really should know about Fleshlight.

Realistic Sensations

Realistic SensationsBecause of the design of the canister and the Superskin material they’re made from, a Fleshlight is a masturbation stroker that feels as real as possible. You won’t forget you’re using a sex toy, but you won’t care either. Add in lube, use the adjustable venting section to find the right amount of pressure, and start thrusting. The stroker accommodates your girth and moves with you, a lot like a warm, willing, and ready body does.

Pick a Porn Star

If you’ve got a favorite porn star, of any gender, there’s a chance they’ve got a Fleshlight modelled on their body. Instead of pretending your hand or cheaper stroker is them, you can bring your fantasy to life with their Fleshlight. Turn on one of your favorite clips, lube up, and stroke away. Close your eyes, and imagine their cries of pleasure are because you’re making them feel amazing.

Multiple Styles

Multiple StylesFleshlight is known for offering realistic vulvas as their main style. But look around a bit, and you’ll discover you’ve got more than that to choose from. Would you rather think about a blowjob? Get a Fleshlight shaped like a mouth. Want the tight squeeze of anal sex? You can find a Fleshlight for that, too. And the choices don’t end there. You can choose a clear canister style and watch yourself while you stroke. You can also get a smaller size that’s less like a flashlight and more like a beer can. Basically, you can start an entire Fleshlight collection with all of the available options.


Maybe women and female-presenting strokers aren’t your thing. You’re not doomed to watch gay porn and use your hand or pretend that anal stroker is your favorite guy. FleshJack is the male alternative to Fleshlight. You get the same quality and features, but with the mouths and booties of guys you crave. Got a favorite male porn star? He may have a FleshJack modeled after him.

Easy to Clean

Easy to CleanA very real problem with masturbation strokers and sleeves is the clean up process. You can’t ignore cleaning it or it’ll crust up, get gross, and be unusable. But the clean up can be a serious pain. With Fleshlight, it’s as easy as popping the sleeve out of the case and washing it with soap and water. Make sure it dries completely before you put it back together, too. If you take care of your Fleshlight, it will keep taking care of you for a long time.

More than Masturbation

Fleshlights and other strokers are commonly used for masturbation — for all the reasons we’ve already listed: realistic, feels good, porn stars. But your Fleshlight doesn’t have to be regulated to solo sex and hidden away when you’re ready to get naked with a partner. In fact, using your Fleshlight during sex can be kinky fun, or add a new flavor to your sexy play. Your partner can use it on you or you can both masturbate together. Any sex toy can be a couples sex toy, and your Fleshlight is no exception.

Go Virtual

Go VirtualThanks to companies like Kiiroo and technology known as teledildonics, your sex toy just went virtual. Instead of using it alone in your bedroom or shower, connect to the web and give yourself a mindblowing virtual reality experience. Instead of fantasizing about sex with that porn star, you can feel like you’re really in the moment. Watch the video, feel very real sensations, and have a bigger, better orgasm along the way.


If you’ve ever wondered what all the hype was about, now you know. Fleshlights are well made, feel amazing, and spice up sex with yourself or a partner. They’re not cheap, but they are definitely an investment in your pleasure. When you’re ready to take your orgasms and sexual pleasure to a new level, consider a Fleshlight. At Caliente Adult Superstore, we’ve got everything you need to start exploring!

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