10 Fun Adult Party Favors You Can Find at an Adult Store

10 Fun Adult Party Favors You Can Find at an Adult Store

Looking to spice up your next (socially distanced) gathering? Want to add an adult element for laughs? Adult party favors make for a fun addition to any party, whether you’re gathering over Zoom or in your backyard.

Here are 10 you can find here at Caliente Adult Superstore!

Rainbow Pecker Pops

Rainbow Pecker PopsWant to skip the innuendo and go straight to a good dick-licking? Get a pack of Rainbow Pecker Pops! It comes with six penis-shaped lollipops in a bright rainbow swirl and a fun tooti fruity flavor. How many licks does it take to finish him off? Now you’ll know for sure.

Penis Party Candles

Looking for a fun, colorful favor that might fool anyone not paying close enough attention? Go for a set of Penis Party Candles. Each pack includes five colorful candles in the shape of dongs. There’s a good chance some people won’t notice until they get close to the cake, which makes it even funnier!

Party Pecker Pinata

Party Pecker PinataWant a reason to smack a dick? Whether you’re throwing a divorce party or just want to make a few people at your party cringe and cross their legs, the Party Pecker Pinata can be a lot of fun for party-goers. Maybe you fill this penis with candy or maybe you fill it with condoms. Either way, the fun happens when you hit it over and over again.

Grow a Boyfriend

Done with your old boyfriend? Wish you could find the “perfect” guy? Stop looking for him, and grow him instead with Grow a Boyfriend. Drop your little guy in the water and he’ll grow six times bigger. You’ll see the growth happen in two hours, but he’ll be fully ready within 72 hours. Consider him a grower, not a shower.

Gummy Boobs

Gummy BoobsIf you love nibbling on boobies, you’re probably going to love Gummy Boobs. Chew, chomp, nibble, and suck on these candies. Offer them to friends. Eat them in front of them. It’ll be fun and funny! Even better, it’ll be tasty, too.

Suck a Tit Mints

Fresh breath and a boobie after a meal? Say yes to both at the same time when you get a tin of Suck a Tit Mints. Offer them after dinner at your next gathering and watch your guests realize what’s rattling around in the metal tin. Will they want fresh breath enough to pop a boobie in their mouth? You’re about to find out!

Grow a Boobie

Grow a BoobieWant to grow a pair, but instead of balls do you want boobs? The Grow a Boobie novelty works much like it’s “boyfriend” counterpart. Dip these tits in water and they’ll grow and grow and grow. By the time they’re ready, they’ll be six times bigger than their original size. What you do with them once they’re full size is up to you.

Photo Booth Prop Kit

Probably the only “clean” novelty on our list, you can make this 18 piece Photo Booth Prop Kit as dirty as you want. The theme of the kit is Hollywood and it comes with wigs, hats, fake popcorn, and more. Take some sexy pictures and pretend you’re one of the Hollywood elite while you do it. Whether you share these photos on the ‘gram later or not is up to you.

Dirty Position Stick Figure Balloons

Dirty Position Stick Figure BalloonsMake your party extra festive with suggestive balloons. The Dirty Position Stick Figure Balloons are white with black stick figures and red hearts and come in a pack of eight. That may be enough for all of your guests to learn a few new positions and get some sexy ideas. Send them each home with a balloon so they can enjoy them later in the evening, too.

Fuckers Sex Position Suckers

>Sucking on a dick a little too obvious for you? Try the Fuckers Sex Position Suckers. The position is called seesaw and the flavor is seductive strawberry. Suck, lick, nibble, and bite until it’s gone. But we won’t tell if you use your lollipop as inspiration for your next naughty night, too.


Big parties with a lot of guests should be few and far between right now. But when you do gather together again, make it funny, dirty, and sexy! Your guests can relax, unwind, and crack a few inappropriate jokes while surrounded by boobs, dicks, and sex positions.

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