What Kind of Lingerie Can You Find at a Sex Shop?

What Kind of Lingerie Can You Find at a Sex Shop?

Think that sexy bras, panties, and other enticing bits of lingerie are only found primarily in lingerie shops or at department stores? Think again! Your local sex shop (ahem, like Caliente Adult Superstore) offers a wide variety of lingerie, both for those times you want to take it all off and for the times you want to feel sexy while fully dressed.

Here’s some of what you can find at an adult store.

Baby Dolls

Baby DollsThink of baby dolls as the stereotypical “sexy lingerie” many people put on to entice their partner or to feel sexy on their own while lounging around at home. These are the floaty, lacy, and nearly or definitely see-through tops paired with a G-string or other styles of panties. The top may only come down to the top of the panties or it may cover you to the tops of your thighs. There’s a definite peek-a-boo vibe with baby dolls that shows off your body while leaving a little bit to the imagination.


You’d be forgiven for thinking a bustier is the same as a corset. They can look remarkably the same, especially the lingerie versions of both. Bustiers tend to cover less of the torso than a corset and provide less support for the entire torso. From your local sex shop, you’ll often find lacy, mesh, and/or delicate bustiers. They’re designed to show off your breasts and leave little else to the imagination. You may pair a bustier with panties or stockings and garter belts.


CorsetsLike bustiers, corsets enhance the body, often the breasts. The line of the lingerie even looks similar when it’s on, but that’s where the similarities end. Corsets shape your waistline. They don’t have to be overly constricting, and when well-made and in the right size, can be comfortable to wear. Some corsets push the breasts up giving you great cleavage. Others stop below the breasts so your boobs on display. You can wear a corset just because it feels or looks good, but they’re also popular in kink and BDSM play.


When talking about lingerie, people sometimes refer to baby dolls as teddies, but in reality, they’re very different. Teddies look like sexier versions of bodysuits. Some are strappy and barely cover anything. Other’s are lacy or mesh and cover the full torso. They come in a variety of colors and styles but all hug the body and enhance your curves. Some may be open at the crotch while others may connect in that area for an easy-open. Depending on the style, they can be worn under day clothes for a sexy surprise later.

Stockings and Garters

Stockings and GartersOne of the classics of “sexy lingerie” thigh-high stockings and garters are a staple in most sex shops. You may buy them as a set or you may buy your garters separately from your stockings. Both thigh-highs and garters come in a variety of colors and styles, though black is a popular option. What’s great about this set is how easy it is to wear at almost any time. Wear your stockings and garters with or without panties. Put it on when you want to seduce a partner or under your clothes when you go to work, out with friends, or on a date. They look good no matter how you wear them.


The next level in lingerie involving stockings is bodystockings. These pieces take everything great about thigh-highs or pantyhose and cover your entire body. They’re stretchy, body-hugging, sleek, and nearly see-through. Some may have cut-outs or features that offer easy access to sensitive body parts. They may leave a little to the imagination or nothing at all. Like thigh-highs and garters, bodystockings can be worn alone or under your clothes as a pleasant surprise for later.

Sexy Underwear

Sexy UnderwearYes, any kind of underwear bought from any kind of store can be sexy. But local adult stores specialize in carrying sexy underwear you’re not going to find in a department store. Mesh boxers, bright-colored jockstraps, crotchless panties, vibrating panties, G-strings, and more are available from sex shops. They come in a variety of colors and styles and are made for anyone who wants to feel sexy or entice their partner — or both, at the same time.


When you’re shopping for your next sex toy at your favorite sex shop, check out the lingerie section, too. You might be surprised at what you find. At Caliente Adult Superstore, you can find something for every level of your sexual pleasure. From the tools that get you off to the sexy lingerie that turns you (and maybe a partner) on.

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