How Fleshlights are Made

How Fleshlights are Made

Do you like to know how things work? How they’re made? Ever wonder what goes into the construction and manufacturing of your favorite products, including your sex toys? Have you ever looked at your Fleshlight and wondered: How do they make these?

If so, we’ve got a few answers — but no major secrets — to share.

The Making of a Fleshlight

The Making of a FleshlightNo matter how realistic your Fleshlight appears, it’s made in a factory, any one of several around the world from Las Vegas to Spain. The basic process works like this:

  • Superskin, aka Fleshlight goo, extrudes into a hopper. It looks like a thick gel and must be stirred constantly.
  • The goo is pumped into one of about 50 molds using an injector. Each mold is filled one at a time by a factory worker.
  • After a certain amount of time in the mold, which has an insertable rod to determine the inner tunnel texture, it’s ready to be popped out.
  • Finished Fleshlight sleeves are powdered using cornstarch to make them silky and smooth. Without the powder step, they’re tacky and sticky to the touch.
  • They go through quality checks to look for imperfections and remove any ragged edges from the molding process.
  • The sleeves are packaged in plastic and stored on shelves until ready to be shipped. The sleeves aren’t put into the canister until a purchase is made whether for consumers or wholesale orders.

The Fleshlight goo is a big secret, of course, but the company has shared in the past that it’s made primarily with mineral oil and polymers and that it’s latex-free. It’s heated to 300 degrees at first, and then a specialized heating and cooling system works on the individual molds to make sure the finished sleeve is consistent and uniform.

The Making of a Porn Star Fleshlight

The Making of a Porn Star FleshlightIf you love Fleshlight, you already know that a lot of their products are modeled on and molded from adult stars like Stoya. Essentially, the process of creating the sleeve is the exact same. The difference comes from creating each star’s exact “likeness” for their mouth, vulva, or booty.

Direct molds are created with a plaster-like molding goo but digital imaging is also used to create consistent perfection. The information we found was from 2011, so this may have changed over time.

  • Pictures are taken of the model’s body parts used for the mold.
  • The molding “goo” is mixed together.
  • The skin is primed — both to avoid injury to the model and to ensure a clean mold when pulled away from the skin.
  • The goop is spread over the body part — mouth, vulva, or butt — and covered in a cloth-like material.
  • The model cannot move at all while the mold dries.
  • Once dry, they remove (peel away) the dried plaster from the model’s body and clean up the left-behind mess.

From there, molding magic occurs to create the manufacturing mold that will be used to mass-produce this specific style of Fleshlight.

When you jack off with your favorite porn star Fleshlight, remember they bared their junk and sat very, very still (sometimes in extremely awkward positions) to give you this realistic experience. And yes, that’s what that part of their body really looks like. To be clear, the inner tunnel texture is not realistic and is developed separately from the body-part molding process. No surprise, there, right?


Does knowing how your Fleshlight gets made take the fun out of it? We don’t think so. In fact, it’s a marvel of manufacturing genius. When you use your Fleshlight Girl or Guy or FleshJack, you know that’s what your fantasy partner really looks like. Fleshlight has been in business for 25 years and continues to innovate and provide plenty of sexual pleasure to men who crave something better than the palm of their hand. And now you know a little bit more about how they do it.

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