6 Finger Vibrators So Good You’ll Never Want to Put Them Down

6 Finger Vibrators So Good You’ll Never Want to Put Them Down

Finger vibrators, much like other small vibrators, don’t always get the credit they deserve for being as good as their larger counterparts. We tend to think “bigger is better” — and sometimes it is. But the right finger vibe provides sensations to rival any other sex toy and your bare hand.

If you want something small and discreet but still capable of giving you massive pleasure, check out these finger vibrators.

Hot Octopuss Digit

Hot Octopuss DigitHot Octopuss is the master at taking big, powerful sensations and putting it into a small package. The Digit is proof of that. It fits comfortably in your hand, as a finger vibrator should, thanks to the plastic finger loops, while also feeling silky smooth against the body. Once you turn it on, you get deep, pulsing, throbbing vibrations. Use it anywhere you crave extra sensations, whether that’s on your nipples, clitoris, perineum, or anus. You’ll feel the stimulation on a deeper level and may never want to go back to just your fingers again.


The VeDO VIVI is a small, discreet finger vibrator that’s built to last, thanks to the rechargeable battery. Choose from three colors — turquoise, pink, or purple — and then choose from 10 vibrating functions. This vibrator fits comfortably between your index and middle finger so you can touch yourself like you always do but with added stimulation. While the VIVI can go anywhere your fingers can go, it’s designed to surround your clit with sensations you crave. Even better, use it in any location you like to masturbate because this little vibe is submersible in water.

Pretty Love Hobgoblin

Pretty Love HobgoblinWith a name like Hobgoblin, you might wonder what kind of finger vibrator this is. It’s actually a finger sleeve designed to fit over your finger. At one end, similar to a rabbit vibrator, you get internal sensations from the sleeve. At the other, you get the sensation of tongue action from the opening that sits against your clit. This toy is great for solo play but it’s even better for couples fun, allowing your partner to take their fingering skills to a whole new level. The sleeve is made from soft silicone so it feels good on your skin, and it has 12 functions, including three functions that simulate tongue action.

Pretty Love Abbott

Getting more value for your money is always a good thing. How about two finger vibrators in one? That’s what the Pretty Love Abbott offers. Slip a finger into each sleeve and let your hands wander whether on your own body or your partner’s. The sensations add something special to fingering, clit stimulation, a handjob, or external prostate massage. The possibilities are almost endless. Whether you love to touch or be touched, this dual finger sleeve adds extra spice and pleasure to the fun.

Evolved Double Date Kit

Evolved Double Date KitWhether the Evolved Double Date Kit is a solo set or fun for two depends on how coordinated you are and whether you have a partner willing to play! This kit offers two distinct vibrators — a butterfly-shaped clitoral stimulating finger vibrator and a small, vibrating butt plug. Each vibe has its own powerful motor with 10 speeds. You can use them together or separately. You can also use one on yourself and the other on a partner. The combinations are limited only by your imagination and where you crave extra sensation.

Pretty Love Alexander

Looking for something simpler in your finger vibrator? The Pretty Love Alexander is another finger sleeve to use for yourself or with a partner. This simple, slim sleeve, fits over your finger and includes a ridged fingertip to provide plenty of stimulation. Insert your finger into the body and the bottom piece fits snugly against other sensitive parts. The included bullet vibrator offers 10 settings so you can find what feels best. This is great for clitoral stimulation during fingering or perineum stimulation during anal play. You may also want to try this out the next time you give a handjob, too. Follow your fingers and your pleasure to find the best way to play!


What sets finger vibrators apart from other styles, like bullets or small slimline models, is that they’re made to follow the natural path of your touch. Good finger vibes fit well in your hand and become an extension of your fingers. That’s what makes them great for masturbation or partnered sex. Finding the one that’s best for you may take some searching, but when you do, you may never want to use your bare hands again.

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