The 6 Most Underrated Types of Sex Toys

The 6 Most Underrated Types of Sex Toys

What makes a sex toy “underrated”? As that’s a fairly subjective term, it happens for all kinds of reasons. But these tend to be the sex toys forgotten in favor of bigger, newer, or fancier versions. They’re left behind because, from outward appearances, they don’t seem like they do much or offer enough stimulation to be very good.

While that’s true of any type of sex toy, this list represents a few forgotten treasures that you may want to look at again.

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet VibratorsYes, it’s true that some bullet vibrators offer very little power and fewer vibrations. But some, like the ones made by Rocks Off, make a bullet vibe nearly as powerful as an actual bullet. These small toys are designed for precise sensation, so if you only want your clit stimulated, that’s what you’ll get. They’re also great paired with other toys. Vibrating cock rings are a common option, but you may also see bullets in “vibrating dildos” as an insert. Don’t dismiss all bullet vibrators as ineffective because you might miss out on discreet but powerful pleasure when you do.

Finger Vibrators

Like bullet vibes, finger vibrators are often dismissed as ineffective and unnecessary. Like all sex toys, finding the right style for the pleasure you want to have is most important. Some fit over your finger to enhance your natural touch. This is great for both masturbation and partnered sex. As your hands wander over your or their body, vibrations add to the moment, allowing for more pleasure and potentially more teasing fun. Finger vibrators are great for all kinds of sensitive parts — clits, nipples, testicles, the tip of a dick, perineum, butt, you name it. If your finger can reach it, the vibrator can provide stimulation.

Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa BallsFor anyone who likes penetration (with or without vibrations), Ben Wa balls can feel like a disappointment. They don’t give you the same full or stretched feeling like a dildo. The vibrations, if they have any, tend to be gentle and not enough for G-spot orgasms. So what’s the point? Like all other sex toys, Ben Wa balls are made in a variety of styles and for different kinds of pleasure. In general, they’re great for strengthening your pelvic muscles while also causing arousal, instead of just leading to orgasms. Consider this sex toy more of a foreplay kind of toy. When used properly, they may turn you on enough so that your orgasm isn’t far off, even if it takes something else to get you there.

Anal Beads

When we talk about anal sex toys, we most often think of butt plugs, prostate massagers, or even dildos. Anal beads, along with anal probes, get left behind (no pun intended) for some reason. In fact, anal beads are great for both beginner butt lovers and experienced anal aficionados. Because of the way they’re made, you can “level up” over time with the same toy. Start with the smallest beads at first and over time, you can insert more of the beads with a wider circumference. They are also great for anal play because when you move them in and out, the different beads create even more sensation.

Penis Pumps

Penis PumpsPeople with penises definitely use penis pumps, but most think of them as a sex toy to help with erectile dysfunction more than something to use for pleasure. This is where many people miss out on a lot of fun. When used properly, penis pumps draw blood into the shaft. This helps cause erections when the body won’t cooperate. But even if you don’t need help getting hard, the sensations caused by the pump are unique to most other sex toys. You can use this as a way to increase your arousal while you masturbate or before penetrative sex. You can play with it on its own just to see how hard you can get. Follow all safety instructions carefully. And only use a penis pump with a quick-release valve as over-pumping is possible.


We talk about lube all the time, encouraging it for any kind of sexual play, but especially for anal fun. But a lot of people still don’t see the need for it. They assume that a partner having a dry (or less lubricated) vagina shows a lack of desire or means their body is broken (neither is necessarily true). Lube isn’t just good for replacing the body’s fluids. It makes every part of sex easier. Using it for masturbation allows fingers to glide over the body more easily. Flavored lube turns oral sex into a different experience. Sensation lubes are self-explanatory, adding sensations to sex. Even if you buy lube for anal or to make penetration better, it’s got a lot of other uses, too.


Everyone is different, so everyone needs and wants something different from a sex toy. If popular options don’t work for you, it might be time to look for toys that don’t get as much attention. Yes, big thick dildos are fun, and so are powerful, rumbly vibrators with a million settings. But those aren’t the only toys out there to try. Keep looking, and you’ll find the sex toys that turn you on and get you off.

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