3 Sex Toys for Long-Distance Lovers

3 Sex Toys for Long-Distance Lovers

Sex toys are part of many relationships. They enhance not only the ultimate orgasm, but also the mutual pleasure and exploration of each other’s bodies. Sometimes life brings unexpected changes and, while you might not want to, you may find yourself dealing with a vast amount of distance between you and the love of your life. Even with video chatting, there is still distance between the two of you that prevents physical contact.

If you’re in a long distance relationship, there are a few items you might be interested in as a couple. These fun sex toys will help you both more easily pass the time during your long distance relationship while still feeling intimately connected to one another.

And if you’ve never met in person, don’t despair. Two of these unique sex toys can help you both get a true “feel” for each other that was impossible only a few years ago.

We Vibe 4 Plus Couple’s Vibrator

We Vibe 4 Plus

When you can’t be together, the We-vibe 4 is something you can intimately share with each other. Couple time can still include loving each other in a physical way by using this remote-controlled sex toy. Using the app on one partner’s phone, you can send delicious shivers through your partner’s body, even when you can’t be there together. If you can, it’s better to practice before being separated. You’ll find out which settings work best for the user. This sweet toy is not only latex-free, but also phthalate-free, meaning it’s safe to use repeatedly, and also safe for long-term use.

Clone Yourself

Now for those of you who want to take a part of your partner with you, you can! You can make a mold and then use that mold to create a copy of your own genitals with a kit that contains everything you need. The end product is made after you pour the included liquid rubber into the mold. Let it set the required time, and then pop it out. Easily cleaned with soap and water, this uniquely-you toy can be used for long-distance love-making sessions. These toys give the term “home-made gifts” a whole new meaning!

New Clone-A-Willy Kit
Clone-A-Willy Kit

The new Clone-a-Willy kit isn’t just a clone of your manhood, it’s also a vibrator. If you make it before you leave, you can surprise her with a debut featuring double-penetration with this one-of-a-kind sex toy. If it’s your final time together before your separation, a double penetration is a good way to complete the switch from the original you to your clone. There’s nothing like leaving part of you behind – even if it’s a clone – that says “I love you!”

If you’re making this for your online lover, and you’ve been asked to prove your length or girth, there’s no better way. Photos don’t do many men justice, and this will not only prove it to her, but also keep her continually interested.

Clone-A- Pussy Molding Kit
Clone-A-Pussy Kit

Ladies, the porn starlets have their own models on the market, so what’s stopping you from making one of your own? The Clone-A-Pussy molding kit lets you do just that. A long-lasting gift of love from you to the man of your heart and dreams will go a long way toward keeping him thinking solely about you during your long distance relationship. You’ll be more secure knowing that he won’t forget how you make him feel.

If you’ve never met in person, this is a fantastic way to introduce yourself. Simply make a clone of your pussy and send it to your online lover.


At Caliente Adult Superstore, we know it’s tough to be apart from the one you love. You can find the three toys above and many others to maintain the intimacy in your long-distance relationship. Visit us online today!

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