The Sensuelle Bullet

The Sensuelle Bullet

Have you wasted money on sex toys that fail after using it a few times? Are you not getting the pleasure you desire? Look no further, because the Sensuelle Point is a strong and powerful vibrator that offers what you want to satisfy your needs.

Simply stated, the Sensuelle Point is the vibrator that every woman should have in her drawer of sex toys. It has an extended amount of power settings; it’s rechargeable, and it’s very convenient. Basically it’s a girl’s best friend.

20 Different Settings

Most decent vibrators have more than a single setting, because no single vibration works for everyone. The Sensuelle Point is  extremely powerful, and it has 20 different amazing settings. Yes, twenty! The pulses are great to start out with, and then you can move into more intense sensations, as you grow accustomed to it. Most people may  find the higher settings a little too much to handle. With 20 different levels, you’re sure to find a range that you will enjoy. Try each one out until you find what gets you off in the way you love best!

Rechargeable Battery

Another great function of the Sensuelle Point is that it is rechargeable. You won’t waste money having to buy new batteries over and over. Just simply plug it into the wall or any USB charger, much like you do with a cell phone. This feature will save you lots of money in the long run but it makes it much more convenient as well. 

Read the instructions for charging best practices. You don’t want it to sit on the charger all the time, even between uses, because this could slowly kill your battery. Charge it when the battery runs down, but keep unplugged most of the time. This way you’ll extend the life of your new favorite vibrator even longer.

Small & Discreet

Speaking of convenience, the Sensuelle Point is small and discreet. This is very important because you can easily bring it from room to room, on vacations or just about anywhere. It doesn’t look bulky or obvious and puts you in a less embarrassing situation if someone finds it.

It fits into your bag, can be placed in a jewelry or makeup case with no problem, and it won’t be found out. Because it’s quiet, the only way anyone else will know what you’re doing is if you’re not very quiet. And with the kind of pleasure this toy creates, that won’t be surprising.

Easy to Clean

The Sensuelle Point is easy to clean. Unplug it, turn it off, and clean it with soap and water. You can use a sex toy cleaner if you prefer. Keeping your vibrator sanitized will make it much more convenient for the next time you want to get yourself off. Clean it after every use and it’ll be ready for you whenever you want it. 

Because the Point has a motor in it, do not submerge it in water or put it in the dishwasher to clean. You’ll kill your vibrator if you need. Keep the motor away from running water. You can wipe down that area with a damp cloth and then dry it, as needed.


If you want a powerful, rechargeable and convenient vibrator, then the Sensuelle Point is an all-in-one choice for you. It’s a sexy and brilliant toy that will fulfill all your needs and desires. Get the Sensuelle Point from Caliente Adult Superstore today!

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