How to Add a Sex Toy to Different Sex Positions

How to Add a Sex Toy to Different Sex Positions

If you enjoy using sex toys in your relationship, then you probably already have a few favorites. But have you considered using those toys in different positions? Doing so can bring fresh excitement to your lovemaking! Here are some ideas to pair sex toys with different positions:


Vibrators aren’t just solo toys for when you need a quick orgasm. Pair them with any of these sex positions for extra fun!

  • Doggie style – when one partner penetrates from behind, you have enough room in Jack Rabbit Vibrator
    the front for vibration pleasure. Depending on the shape and size of the vibrator, you partner can still easily reach around and stimulate the vulva or clitoris.
  • Reverse cowgirl – in this sex position, you’re on top facing your partner’s legs. This gives plenty of room for stimulation. Lean back a bit and press the vibrator into your clitoris. Your partner can try lifting a knee also so you can have something to grind on. Additionally, you can try for both clitoral and labial stimulation for more pleasure.
  • Cowgirl — you’re on top and facing your partner. If you lean back, a bullet vibe or other small clitoral vibrator can fit against your pelvis. You’ll get the stimulation you need, and you’ll both benefit.

Vibrating Cock Rings

Vibrating cock rings offer dual stimulation giving both partners immense pleasure. One of the best positions for this toy is when the woman is on top. She’s able to control the vibration intensity and can grind against the vibrator in a way that keeps the stimulation right where she needs it. Another good option is to raise her legs so her ankles are over your shoulders, assuming she’s flexible enough. This allows for a deeper penetration and more stimulation against her clitoris.

Clitoral StimulatorsScreaming O Pop Vibe

Doggy style works well with clitoral stimulators because you have easy access to that part of your body. The position also allows your partner to penetrate deeper. Many women and anyone with a vulva need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Either partner can hold the vibrator over the clitoris for direct pleasure and stimulation. Play with the settings, speed, and pressure against your vulva for new sensations.

Bullet Vibes

Bullet vibrators are great for clitoral stimulation during penetration, but they’re not the only option for mutual pleasure. Because these toys are small and not overly intense, you can experiment with your partner as well. If he’s willing, hold the bullet against his shaft, testicles, frenulum, and even his nipple during sex. You both might be surprised at how pleasant those vibrations will feel and how much better the added sensation can make sex feel.

G-Spot DildosAi Pure Silicone Dildo

Most women who get off on g-spot orgasm find it intense. This spot is located on the front wall of the vagina. A good g-spot dildo is curved to hit the perfect spot once inserted. To find the right position during sex, you’ll need to experiment with what feels good. Sex isn’t just penis-in-vagina (PIV) sex, so talk to your partner about using your dildo while they touch you in other ways. You can always add PIV sex to your fun later.

For some people, g-spot stimulation alone isn’t enough. Pair your dildo with a hand (or mouth!) on your clitoris or find a sex toy like rabbit vibrator that offers both. You may just explode with pleasure!


At Caliente Adult Superstore, we love helping you discover new ways to bring pleasure into your relationship. We know there is no end to the different positions you can try when using sex toys. Play around and experiment with many different positions to find what works best for you and your partner. A big part of the fun is in figuring out what you like and what gets you off!


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